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Mask Up and Don't Ask Questions

Mask Up and Don’t Ask Questions


“We know they are lying, they know they are lying, they know we know they are lying, we know they know we know they are lying, but they are still lying.” ~ Solzhenitsyn

Our wise and benevolent liberal overlords, satisfied with how well their exploitation of the covid pandemic went three years ago, have decided to do it all over again since the nonconformists, for all their outrage, never got around to holding them accountable. Not for the lockdowns. Not for the censorship. Not for the toxic injections. Not for shoving infected patients into nursing homes. Not for police brutalizing peaceful citizens. Not for the deaths they caused.

It would not be hyperbole to state they were drunk with power. Power is intoxicating.

They used the panic and the prediction of millions and millions and millions of deaths to suppress well-established rights: the right of assembly, the right to worship, the right of free speech, the right of free press—all selectively applied. 

And they did it with glee.

And, furthermore, they masqueraded as being pro-science, shouting, “Follow the science!” Yet, physicians, scientists, and nurses who disagreed with the official dogma and cited facts were persecuted to such an extent that they lost their jobs, and their licenses were revoked and their professional opinions suppressed (yet, these—isolated—brave professionals persisted in telling the truth, which media propaganda called “disinformation”). Mind you, these are the same pro-science persons who deny that sex is determined through chromosomes, and insist that sex is “a social construct” (which begs the question, if a person’s genitals do not determine their gender, how does removing them change their gender?).

So now, it seems that the first phase is to, once again, force everyone to don those cloth face masks, which were useless from the beginning, as several scientific papers have shown, but which became a sign of conformity and political affiliation. Even children.

The rest may come later.

The fact of the matter is that, if one examines the elites’ actions during the pandemic—which, remember, we were told it would kill millions and millions of people—it is apparent that they really did not believe any of it. Not the lockdown. Not the mortality. Not the face masks. To prove that this was so, I will set down the specifics rather than write in generalities. If it seems that I am overdoing by doing so, if it is extensive, it proves my point precisely.

And remember while reading the following that during the pandemic everyone was forced to wear masks. Everyone did except for the ones who had backbone and refused who were harassed, arrested, insulted as “white supremacists” and “fascists,” and even physically attacked for not conforming:


CNN’s Chris Cuomo was caught breaking lockdown by a cyclist. Predictably, Cuomo insulted the man for outing him. Cuomo is related to the politician who jammed infected patients in nursing homes, causing the deaths of thousands and who has never been held accountable.

CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins took off her face mask once the cameras were not recording her. Surprise! They were!

Democratic governor Steve Sisolak of Nevada apologized after a photo showed him not wearing a mask nor abiding by social distancing guidelines.

Democratic governor Gavin Newsom of California was caught wining and dining at a posh restaurant named The French Laundry (!) with friends and associates, none of them wearing face masks and obviously flaunting lockdowns, both of which were meant for the average citizen and not for the elite.

Democrat Nancy Pelosi took time off from criticizing Trump for not wearing a mask to go to a hair salon and not wearing a mask, contrary to policy.

The wife of Democratic Illinois governor J.B. Pritzker violated the state’s stay-at-home order when she traveled to a second home in Wisconsin. Why? Because her husband is one of the elites. This same elite sent construction workers to go work on his mansion.

Next door, the husband of Democratic Michigan governor, Gretchen Whitmer, called a marina to get their yacht in the water for a Memorial Day trip. The person at the other end of the line blew the whistle, whereupon Whitmer claimed that he was making a joke. Nobody laughed. She was also found dining with at least a dozen other people at The Landshark Bar & Grill in East Lansing, Michigan. She also took a trip to Florida. Whitmer, incidentally, also put infectious covid patients with healthy residents inside nursing homes, just like Cuomo. And just like Cuomo, she has never been held accountable.

In California, Democratic governor Newsom ordered vineyards closed to prevent the spread of covid and the resulting deaths of millions and millions and millions of people. All vineyards except for the one he owns.

In the People’s Democratic Republic of Austin, Mayor Steve Adler told everyone to stay home and not travel, then took a trip to Mexico for fun and giggles.

Democrat Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl was seen dining outdoors, maskless, hours after banning outdoor dining for the masses.

Democrat San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo had dinner with numerous people in spite of state regulations.

Democrat California Sen. Dianne Feinstein was seen at an airport without a face mask. The sight of her face was traumatic for some.

Democrat Mayor Michael Hancock from Denver flew across state lines to Mississippi for fun.

Democrat politician Eric Adams hosted a maskless fundraiser in order to become mayor of NYC.

Democratic Chicago Mayor, and Crypt-Keeper twin, Lori Lightfoot, ignored the statewide order for salons and barber shops to be closed to the peasants and got some work done on her. Not enough, though. Upon being confronted with the transgression, she said she could do it because she was special.

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz, a Democrat, of course, was found to have been playing hockey in a skating rink after closing the rink to one and all, including children who were immune to the covid virus. He explained that, yes, he was skating, but he was alone in the rink. Then a video surfaced showing he was playing with 10 others, so he condemned the video as “stalking.”


Alexandria Ayala, a member of the Palm Beach County School Board who had insisted that (immune) children should be masked regardless of parents’ wishes, was seen partying maskless over the weekend. In a demonstration of her arrogance, she had once told citizens during a school board meeting that it is “a privilege to address your public officials and to be in this chamber.”

Federal postal workers were exempt from the toxic injection but private businesses were fined $14K per violation. Nor were illegal aliens required to have the “vaccine.” Aside from the lack of legislation and the obvious dictatorial aspects, think about the logic there.

Members of Congress and their staff were exempt from taking the toxic injection because they are the elites. The peasants, otherwise, can be poisoned with the toxic substance in the “vaccine.”

Being one of the elites, Democratic San Francisco Mayor London Breed was seen partying at a club without the face mask she had mandated for the peasants. She stated that she should not be blamed because she was enjoying the music.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was seen at the NFC Championship game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Los Angeles Rams without a face mask that he had been raging about for everyone to wear. Asked to explain, he said he was holding his breath.

At the Emmy Awards, where the elites tell each other how wonderful they are, none of them were wearing masks.

Democratic Michigan Representative Rashida Tlaib admitted that she wore a face mask in public because there was a Republican tracker keeping tabs on her hypocrisy.

Democratic New Jersey governor Phil Murphy and Essex County Education Association (ECEA) members celebrated at a gala entitled—get this—the Equality Ball. Which you could only attend if you were one of the elites in that state. “At the very same time that this governor issued another EO mandating two-year-olds wear masks for upwards of 7 hours a day because of purported ‘safety,’ the New Jersey political Democratic elite gathered maskless by the thousands,” said State Senator Holly Schepisi.

The vermin are everywhere, including Tennessee, while in Washington, DC, Pseudo-President walked around in public without a face diaper.

Democrat Nancy Pelosi took off time from her insider trading to attend a public function—maskless. Considering the way she looks, she could have done everyone a favor by covering up her face.

And in the UK, their elites do exactly the same. First Minister Mark Drakeford of Welsh Labour was seen at a party maskless. The wanker had passed some of the strictest mask mandates in the country. Scotland’s first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, did the same. And, speaking of wankers, Professor Neil Ferguson—the one who predicted millions and millions and millions of people were going to die from covid—was caught breaking lockdown in order to have sex with a whore. Dominic Cummings helped to draft the government’s Stay Home—except he didn’t. Neither did Labour MP Dawn Butler who went out to lead a Marxist rally. Leftist Labor wanker Keir Starmer believed that lockdowns were for the proles, not for the aristocratic elites like himself. And then, of course, there was Commissar Jeremy Corbyn. 

AOC was found maskless, not in NYC, not in DC, but in Florida. No lockdown, no mask. My, my. Back in her home turf, she put on a mask when cameras pointed at her only to take it down when they did not. It must be because cameras contained covid 19 and were contagious. Yeah! That must be it!

If you know anything about universities, it is that they are infested with scumbag administrators with grandiose titles who are parasites on students. At Northern Illinois University, a maskless Christmas party saw law school dean Cassandra Hill, Chief of Staff Melody Mitchell, assistant dean Kellie Martial, Assistant Professor Matthew Timko, and President Lisa Freeman. Several of these individuals among others, had snarled at any students walking around without face masks on.


Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, unaware that the peasants would take umbrage at her privileged elite status, apologized for not wearing a mask in public and “promised to do better.” At not being caught.

Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock entered a room full of people who were ordered to wear masks. He did not wear one since he is one of the elites.

While NYC was turning into a hellhole—and it continues that way—Democratic Mayor Adms insisted that (immune) children in schools had to wear masks for the public good. Which doesn’t apply to him.

After two years the hysteria began to die down, but LA County public health director Barbara Ferrer wanted to reinstate indoor face masks in 2022 because covid was so dangerous, yet she was seen without a mask on. Nor was she alone. Seattle Public Schools wanted to reimpose the face masks for (immune) children.

When Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went to Ukraine for a photo-op, he was not wearing a mask, supposedly the first time in 2 years. Sure. He also did not wear a mask when visiting the Queen. Or on a train in BC.

You can’t make this up: The arrogant elitist Broadway star Patti LuPone—who was not wearing a mask with other elites on stage, shrieked obscenities at an audience member for not having his/her face mask over the nose.

Democrat NYC mayors Bill de Blasio and Eric Adams mandated (notice the lack of legislation) that employees of businesses be vaccinated. But fellow elite artists and athletes were exempted.

TV celebrity Joy Behar, well known for her shrieking in The View, was spotted not wearing a face mask less than 24 hours after virtuously posturing before the other harpies that she would continue wearing one.

The political elites of California, specifically the governor and the mayors of San Francisco and Los Angeles posed maskless in public with sports elite Magic Johnson (maskless also, of course), contrary to the mask mandate.

The City of St. Louis had a mask mandate for indoor public spaces. But partying Mayor Tishaura Jones and friends were exempted. You see, the elites are immune to the virus. More so than children.

Election denier and future President of Earth, Stacey Abrams, had her picture taken in a class of masked (immune) children, though she herself was unmasked. The picture was quickly taken down. Too late.

The arrogance of the elites has been for some reason particularly evident in school boards, whether relating to mutilating children, attempts to turn children into homosexuals, or anti-white racists. It was also evident during the pandemic that was going to kill millions and millions of people. At any rate, Susan Kass, Chairwoman of the Montgomery County, Virginia, school board, had a fit when she was outed for not wearing a mask while adamant that (immune) children should wear one. 


In their hellbent drive to destroy America, Democrats have eliminated our national borders and have urged and welcomed illegal aliens to just walk in and make themselves at home, even during the “height” of the pandemic. And they did not have to wear masks or be vaccinated.

Democratic President Obama had a birthday bash which, for all the warnings about yet another variant of covid, was maskless.


In looking back, several things become obvious. One, as evidenced by their behavior, it appears our overlords knew from the very beginning that it was all bogus in spite of their self-righteous proclamations and posturing before the cameras.

Second, it is particularly interesting that the rank-and-file of true believers (the Covidians for lack of a better term) never stopped to think, never had their fervor or their fanaticism diminished by seeing that their overlords—having the same politics as them—obviously thought the restrictions were absurd and broke them and flaunted doing so. Instead, they became even more virulent in their hatred for common people who refused to wear masks, and for the physicians and scientists who stated that lockdowns and face masks were not only useless, but counterproductive.

Now, they have dusted off their face masks. Some are wearing them again in fear, others with pride, and still others with glee, while some never took them off, as they walk around, looking down with disdain at the rest of us. All of them are looking forward to millions and millions and millions of deaths. Just like it happened with AIDS.

Third, everything, literally everything, that our overlords said about the covid pandemic was wrong: the social distancing, the effectiveness of face masks, the safety of the “vaccines,” the lockdowns, the mortality, the treatments were wrong. And they persisted in being wrong even when they knew the facts. In fact, it had become thoroughly evident by the middle of the first year. Nonetheless, they persisted. Why?

Fourth, if one checks the links to the above, one can notice that almost none came from the mainstream media, the same who were fanning the flames of panic. They deliberately suppressed the stories (just like they have suppressed the stories on the Hunter Biden laptop, the crimes of Joe Biden, and many more facts). There must be a reason for all those. I am not sure what that is.

Lastly, whether in Europe, Canada, Australia, or America, the opposing political parties kept mum. Aside from an isolated squawk here and there, they said nothing, they did nothing to counter the authoritarian impulse. The term “uniparty” has come into being as a result. What opposition there was to the oppression came from the citizenry.

Now, for our own good, we are supposed to relive the covid fiasco, perhaps to gauge how submissive the population remains. Considering the fact that neither the overlords nor the rank-and-file Covidians were ever held accountable—not at the local level, not at the state/provincial level, not at the national level—there is a basis for their optimism. 

Months ago, a writer suggested that, yes, terrible “mistakes” had been made, but instead of holding people accountable, we should have an amnesty for the perpetrators. No, we see why we cannot have an amnesty, why we must hold them accountable, because if we don’t they will try again, with variations.

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