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Covid Response Museum

The Covid Response Museum


The world’s Covid response has been steeped in such absurdities and atrocities. Worse, there has thus far been little accountability for the human right violations. The sheer scale and planet-wide nature of the crimes needs to be recorded for posterity in various forms.

The idea that people’s fundamental birthrights can be taken away forcibly, in an ostensible attempt to “protect” them, belongs only in a museum. Indeed, it should have belonged only in fiction. Unfortunately, atrocities far worse than possible in fiction were committed worldwide, in the three years following the declaration of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“A 24-year-old MTech scholar at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Bengaluru died by suicide, after he was depressed over allegedly having covid-like symptoms” ~ Aug 2020, Karnataka, India

The risk of Covid death, or even severe Covid, was always negligible for the young. Regardless of the risk, it shouldn’t have been a stigmatizing sin to catch an infectious respiratory virus.

“Unable to bear the mountain of debt due to closure of his salon, Manoj Zende ended his life”.~ Apr 2021, Maharashtra, India

What did lockdown achieve, except such needless misery for people whimsically labeled as “non-essential” for society? The US Vice President Kamala Harris posted a photo on Twitter, of herself with a child; the leader was unmasked, but the child’s smile was hidden behind a mask
~ Feb 2023, USA

A society which has lost the desire to see children’s faces is in deep disrepair. 

“Schools Lost Track of Thousands of Students Who Left During Pandemic” ~ Feb 2023, Wall Street Journal

School closures in the name of Covid response were the largest peacetime rights violation in human history. 

“23-year old Hitesh Kadve was pressured to take the Covid vaccine, due to the vaccine mandate for local train commute; he died within hours of taking the vaccine.” ~ Sep 2021, Maharashtra, India

Mandating an experimental medical product should be recorded in history as among the worst violations of medical ethics.

The Lockdown and Covid Response Museum is intended to be a documentation of the atrocities in the Covid-19 response, and the absurdities which were part and parcel of the atrocities.

The museum is intended to make people, especially the next generation, think and reflect, wonder and ponder how some unthinkable things came to be, laugh at some absurdities, feel sorry for some, cry in empathetic anguish at others. Most important of all, it is for them to resolve: “NEVER AGAIN.”

The Lockdown and Covid Response Museum is an initiative of the Universal Health Organisation (UHO), a group of epidemiologists, doctors, journalists, and other professionals. The UHO is based in India: a forum to ensure impartial, truthful, unbiased and relevant information on health reaches every citizen of the world to make informed choices pertaining to their health.

The target inauguration date for the museum is March 25, 2023, which is the third anniversary of mass incarceration of one-sixth of humanity, i.e. India’s first lockdown. To start, the museum will be online. We also encourage people to set up physical museums using the material from this website, under creative commons license: free to share with attribution.

For the museum, UHO invites story contributions from people around the world, who have suffered or seen others suffer due to the various extreme measures in the name of Covid-19 response. The museum will display submissions with only state/country information, and no personal identifying information (names will be anonymized). 

The material in the museum will be under the “Creative Commons By Attribution” license : free to share with attribution. Possible submission types include: (1) image/photo, (2) video, (3) audio, (4) real-life story/account, (5) link to news report, (6) copy of government or other official (office/school/residential) rule/guideline. Submissions to the museum can be in one or more of the following categories: (1) lockdown, (2) Covid “containment” restrictions, (3) school closure, (4) other restrictions on children, (5) PCR/antigen testing: dirty unless proven clean, (6) Covid-19 vaccine mandate, (7) Covid-19 vaccine adverse event, (8) mask mandates, (9) virus avoidance extreme, (10) censorship, (11) police excess, etc.

To see sample entries in the museum, and to submit your entry, please visit

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