Bhaskaran Raman

Bhaskaran Raman is a faculty in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Bombay. Views expressed here are his personal opinion. He maintains the site: “Understand, Unclog, Unpanic, Unscare, Unlock (U5) India” . He can be reached via twitter, telegram: @br_cse_iitb . [email protected]

More Flaws in the Vaccine Model Claiming 20 Million Lives Saved 

It is possible that the jabs may have saved some lives, but the modeling study is likely grossly overestimating the same. Further, that (a) scientists have to resort to a modeling study with so many flaws, and that (b) news outlets have to resort to imbalanced coverage of the same without mention of financial conflicts of interest, does not speak too well of the possibility of a huge impact on lives saved. The scientific evidence to substantiate a jab as life-saving should always be a rigorous randomized control trial.

Fear and Loathing of the Unvaccinated Gets Another Boost

The much publicized CMAJ simulation study is based on assumptions which are known to be flawed. The conclusions may be true in an alternate world where immunity from natural exposure is poor, and Covid-19 vaccine have high efficacy which does not wane; but they certainly do not hold in the real world.

Stop Using the Phrase Vaccine Hesitancy

When the mainstream narrative refuses to acknowledge known science and known data, trust is lost. This adds to the reason for people who do not want the jab to be skeptical about the excessive push for the same.

Why Have They Done This to the Children?

In India, it is even more absurd that almost everything is normal for adults: restaurants, malls, movie theatres, crowded events, crowded buses and trains and flights, etc.; while at the same time schools are not open, and even where open, normal activities are not permitted for kids!

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