Thomas Harrington

Thomas Harrington is an essayist and Professor of Hispanic Studies at Trinity College in Hartford (USA) who specializes in Iberian movements of national identity Contemporary Catalan culture.

The Merchants of Moral Panic

Let’s resolve now to not let the Covid warriors merely fade away, using our imaginations to find ways of making it as uncomfortable as we possibly can for the merchants of moral panic to continue to practice their craft, and exercise their magisterium over public opinion. 

Vaclav Havel and the Semiotics of Public Masking

To reject the ideological schemes of “reality” imposed from above to instead embrace the most true and fundamental impulses of life is precisely what those wonderful pilots, nurses, teachers, policemen, lawyers parents and many others are doing right now before the tyranny of mask and vaccine mandates. 

What It Means to Experience “Social Death”

After quite consciously using the enormous moral and rhetorical force of the government and media to label a third to a half of its own citizens as social pariahs, the Biden Administration is now working hand-in-glove with the country’s large corporations to destroy these same citizens’ standing as fully empowered citizens through the destruction of their livelihoods. 

The Treason of the Healers

During the middle years of the 20th century, the social privilege, deference and power previously granted to clerics, and then to writers, was bequeathed to the science-based healers. While they have done much to improve our lives with the money and authority we have given them, they have—even though they seem largely unaware of it—now fallen into a grave state of moral decadence.

The Frightened Class

For most of recorded time prosperity and education have been the gateway to a life of relative freedom from worry. But now, the people who most enjoy these benefits are, it seems, wracked with anxiety and, in the not infrequent way of many people suffering that plague, and hellbent on sharing their misery with others.

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