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The Crucifixion of Kulvinder Kaur


I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked,

dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix…

…expelled from the academies for crazy & publishing obscene odes on the windows of the skull…

Allen Ginsberg, Howl

I think I finally understand the full meaning of the famous desperate words of the Beat poet quoted above. Allen Ginsberg’s Howl laments the decimation of his generation, in part due to drug abuse and mental illness. (That much I got, even as a college kid.) But I have always suspected something more profound lay buried inside Howl, something beyond my comprehension.

Decades after its publication, it was revealed that much of the mayhem described in Howl was inflicted upon Ginsberg’s generation by – you guessed it – its own government. Numerous 1960’s countercultural figures such as Ken Kesey and Robert Hunter were survivors of the CIA’s illegal and evil MK-ULTRA mind-control program, which of course was also the genesis of the 60’s LSD culture as a whole. Other purported MK-ULTRA casualties, whose career paths turned very dark indeed, included the likes of Charles Manson, Whitey Bulger, and a teenaged Harvard undergraduate named Ted Kaczynski – later infamous as the Unabomber. 

We cannot know to what extent Ginsberg may have been aware of the government’s role in the generational destruction he described in Howl at the time he wrote it. But the deeper theme, the one that eluded me for so long, goes even further, and is more intuitive than factual. Those “best minds” were destroyed – and cast out of the academy – not by their own madness, but by the madness of the society around them. That society was a violent and unmerciful one, run by amoral and unaccountable men. It was a society that refused to accept alternative viewpoints and demanded conformity and submission. When the best minds failed to comply, it annihilated them.

A variation on this theme is playing today. 

As a physician, I see the best of my generation being destroyed as well. Their careers are being stolen from them. They too are being expelled from the academies. They too are being destroyed by madness, but not their own madness, rather the madness of the society in which they live, of the profession in which they practice, and of the wicked and unscrupulous people in control.

There is a great purge occurring in the medical establishment, a purge that runs along strict ideological and ethical lines. The issue of Covid-era “misinformation” is the main pretext for this purge, but there is no reason to believe it will stop there. And although the American medical system is the most Pharma-captured and Deep State-riddled medical system in the world, this purge is by no means limited to the United States.

The list of honest, courageous, and self-sacrificing physicians and scientists who have been fired, censored, de-licensed, defamed, subjected to lawfare, or otherwise persecuted in the name of Covid conformity is far too long to list. Just a very few of the names include Peter McCullough, Meryl Nass, and Martin Kulldorff in the USA, David Cartland and Ahmad Malik in the UK, and Kulvinder Kaur in Canada. 

Dr. Kaur faces imminent financial ruin at the hands of the Canadian court system, which has imposed a punitive $300,000 ‘cost order’ upon her, due by the end of March 2024. This is in addition to other legal expenses she has incurred since the beginning of the Covid lockdowns. Dr. Kaur’s cardinal sin was speaking out against the harsh lockdowns imposed upon citizens of Ontario, where she practices medicine, treating mostly immigrant families and other poor members of the population.

Stanford epidemiologist and Great Barrington Declaration co-author Jay Bhattacharya recently interviewed Dr. Kaur on his Illusion of Consensus podcast. I encourage readers to watch this interview. It is compelling for a number of reasons, not the least of which is this: Kulvinder Kaur comes across as the most modest, sincere, and likable person imaginable – quite literally the last person who would invoke the ire of any honest organization, and quite possibly the first person you would want as your personal physician.

I do not know Dr. Kaur personally, though I am pleased to say I know Jay Bhattacharya. And as anyone who knows Jay will affirm, he is a delightful person, truly a warm and generous soul. Consider the fact that I recently attended a talk given by Jay. It frustrated me to no end. Why? Jay’s topic: finding empathy for Anthony Fauci. 

Don’t forget, Jay was one of the “fringe epidemiologists” against whom Fauci and Francis Collins ordered a “swift and devastating takedown.” Only a person of tremendous kindness and forbearance (much greater than I possess, that’s for sure) can love his enemies like that.

Anyway, in their interview, Kulvinder Kaur makes even Jay look like a character out of The Sopranos. Her combination of earnestness and modesty shines through her descriptions of both her first class education and scientific training and her clinical practice, devoted as it is to poor immigrants, in large part because she herself is an immigrant. Prior to Covid, she says, she was a very conventional practitioner, observant of the standard vaccine schedules, and never in trouble with the authorities. 

But when the lockdowns began, she felt compelled by conscience to speak out against the collateral harms these repressive measures caused her patients. She cited sources such as the Great Barrington Declaration. She took to Twitter. She refused to shut up. And so, the Canadian establishment set out to destroy her.

In her interview with Jay, Kulvinder Kaur appears to me to be very idealistic, sometimes almost to the point of naivete. At one point she states, “I never thought that this would be the cost of speaking truth to power.” She seems genuinely surprised that even now, when her predictions from early in the pandemic have all been proven correct, she is still being persecuted. 

The ideologues are hell-bent on destroying the idealist, and the idealist cannot understand why.

But persecuted she is. The Canadian government, media, and medical establishment long ago determined that it would publicly crucify (and financially ruin) this highly intelligent, deeply moral, and utterly sincere young woman. They intend to make an example of her, just in case some other idealistic young physician is thinking of following in her footsteps.

A GiveSendGo fund for Dr. Kaur’s financial crisis has been started, and I encourage readers to donate to it as soon as possible if they are able. She needs to raise $300,000 by the end of March. Hopefully the goal will be reached, and Dr. Kaur will be saved from financial ruin.

But the ruin of medicine in the so-called Western democracies will continue apace. The best of my generation of physicians will be destroyed by the madness of their corrupt, captured, and deteriorating profession. And then where will patients turn for care?

What parent, when seeking a physician for their child, would not choose an impeccably trained, self-sacrificing clinician who has devoted her career to the care of the poor, over some vindictive, venal, Machiavellian technocrat? Put another way, what Ontario parent would not choose Kulvinder Kaur over say, the execrable David Fisman?

If the current trend of ruining the careers of honest, courageous physicians and scientists is not stopped, such choices will become, for want of a better word, academic. The outstanding, outspoken, and independent physicians will be run out of the profession. The remaining rank-and-file, already more submissive than their persecuted betters, will quietly comply with orders from above, knowing what will happen to them if they don’t. The newly minted doctors, freshly indoctrinated in today’s Pharma-driven curricula, and pre-selected for compliance via mandatory vaccinations and other human resource department litmus tests, will goose-step through their practice directives and clinical protocols, no questions asked.

(Footnote: the publication and sale of Howl resulted in the arrest of its publishers and culminated in a famous 1957 legal case involving – you guessed it – censorship and the First Amendment.)

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