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Timeline on the UK Response: Open-Source Project


On 6 September, we asked whether Grant Shapps was right to do his own research on Christmas lockdowns.

In response, we wrote the back-pedalling race begins and asked for readers’ help to build a freely available timeline of the six critical decision timepoints with links to primary documents underpinning policies.

So, we’ve started building the timeline. Here is the Link

  • March 2020 (102 documents)The initiation of the first lockdown in the UK.
  • April 2020 (174 documents)The effect of the first lockdown in the UK.
  • Sep-Oct 2020 (121 documents)The initiation of tiered restrictions in the UK 
  • Nov-Dec 2020 (110 documents)The second lockdown in the UK 
  • Jan-Apr 2021 (223 documents)The third lockdown in the UK
  • Dec 14-21, 2021 (38 documents)Unprecedented calls for further restrictions on the back of the emerging Omicron variant. 
  • Google Sheet Link: (current number of entries, n=768)

Here is the Open Science Framework Link:, where we will store important pdfs. (9 documents currently available) 

Over the coming months, we shall review some of these documents and explain the main issues. Others may do the same too. 

The documents are searchable by title and by authorship. As an example, if you are interested in behavioural documents then search by SPI-B, modelling then SPI-M. 

We’ve opened up the comments to all, as we would appreciate any thoughts, reflections and particularly any vital documents we have missed with their links.

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