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Why Delay the Pandemic Start Date?


Today I’m going to attempt to answer a nagging question that’s been percolating in the back of my mind for a while now.

The question that’s been gnawing at me is why would it be so important to push the start date of virus spread back several months? 

If, as I believe, many people had already been infected by, say, November or December 2019, why was it so important for officials to say this was not the case? Why was it so important to date the explosion of world spread to late March and April 2020?

Wouldn’t the Same Nonsensical and Draconian ‘Mitigation’ Measures Have Happened … Just Earlier?

In the big picture, what difference would it make if some new virus outbreak had been discovered and reported, say, three months earlier than this news was actually reported?

On first blush, one would think all the same “mitigation” events that happened would have also occurred if the “start date” of virus spread had occurred (and been publicly acknowledged) a few months earlier.

For example, one assumes the leading public health gurus would have still called for lockdowns and “stop-the-spread” NPIs. Vaccine development would have actually started a couple of months earlier.

What I don’t understand is why public health officials couldn’t have simply said in November or December 2019: “Attention, people of the world, we’ve identified a new virus that’s making a lot of people sick.”

We know that no virus expert in the world said anything like this, which spurs this question: If this was the truth, why didn’t officials simply say this? After all, the most-important job of public health officials and scientists is to search for the truth, right?

While I’ve come to believe our trusted public health and government officials have no interest in searching for the truth and are not interested in investigating certain taboo topics,  I am interested in these questions. 

This article is simply one author speculating or trying to find answers by attempting to answer a question that, to my knowledge, no other writer has asked.

I’ll repeat my question: Why would it be so important to push the start date of virus spread back several months? 

Simplest Answer: Officials Simply Didn’t Know a New Virus was Spreading.

At least to me, this answer seems plausible or a possible fair-minded answer. 

One question that should have come up more often is basic, common sense: What is Covid-19? 

Answer: Covid-19 is a contagious respiratory virus that causes symptoms almost identical to the flu or any Influenza Like Illness (ILI).

It’s not irrelevant information that in America tens of millions of Americans come down with an ILI every fall and winter “flu season.” 

It’s undeniably true that more people seemed to have been getting sick from “something” in the flu season of 2019-2020. This (correct) observation might prompt some to simply respond: “So what?” 

It was a bad flu season, but bad flu seasons happen. In fact, America experienced a terrible flu season two winters before in the 2017-2018 flu season. The next flu season (2018-2019) was “bad” as well.

Most Americans, and even most flu experts, would agree there’s no reason to turn the world upside down because of a “bad” flu season.

I understand why most people wouldn’t have known a novel virus was spreading in the latter months of 2019. 

However, the day after Chinese officials announced to the world the presence of a novel new virus that was causing pneumonia and flu-like symptoms (on December 31, 2019), every smart public health official in the United States should have known that millions of Americans had been suffering from these very same symptoms for months.

Given the overwhelming evidence of severe and widespread ILI in America, it should have occurred to these ILI experts that such a virus might have already been spreading for months … in America and thus probably the world.

Here’s Where my Skeptic Bent of Mind Kicks in…

If the authorized narrative had been, “Ladies and gentlemen, America is going through a pretty bad flu season” … most citizens would have said, okay, no big deal

They definitely wouldn’t have gone all-in on all the draconian Covid responses they later accepted.

I understand why or how most doctors, nurses, and epidemiologists might have “missed” the first wave of “real Covid” – after all, this new respiratory virus (with perhaps a few exceptions) presented just like all the old respiratory viruses.

However, I also think a few officials (at the triple-top-secret level) must have known a new virus was already spreading. 

My First Important Assumption…

I assume at least a few high-ranking officials would know this because I assume these individuals were involved with or aware of the creation of this “novel” virus … and probably know exactly where and when this new virus first escaped into the population.

That is, once this theoretical “escape event” happened, they would have been closely monitoring the fall-out.

Common sense tells me the officials most responsible for this event occurring would have not wanted to advertise that they: A) created a new super-contagious virus in a lab and B) let said virus accidentally escape. (Some cynics postulate any virus escape might not have been an accident).

That is, one of my key assumptions is that certain people might have had a strong motive/incentive to cover-up early virus spread.

I also believe it’s entirely possible that “Covid” (as we came to know it) might have never even happened …. as (almost) everyone would have been blissfully unaware a dangerous new virus was circulating. 

This alternate reality might have become actual reality unless two or three key events also later happened.

The Seminal Event in the Covid Story…

The first important event was China officials reporting a new, unknown “pneumonia-like” virus to the World Health Organization on Dec. 31, 2019. 

But even this event would probably not have changed world history unless the scary outbreak in northern Italy and then the outbreak on the Diamond Princess cruise ship had also happened.

Here one should remember that even with those videos of people instantly falling dead on the streets of Wuhan, China reported hardly any deaths from this new virus. By the end of January 2020, only 50 deaths had been reported in a country of over one billion people.

Absent the events in northern Italy and then on a cruise ship, the China flu might have been a one or two-week story.

If one starts with the premise the virus had been spreading person-to-person since at least the late fall of 2019, it doesn’t make sense that a massive spike of deaths would begin to show up many months later, in late February and early March … in Italy not Wuhan.

It’s very possible that the same virus was spreading in China, as well as just about every country in the world in September or October 2019. (For the record, I think it’s possible virus spread did start in China).

For example, we know many athletes and visitors to the World Military Games held in Wuhan in October 2019 became sick at those games. This suggests a novel virus might have been spreading at least two months before the first person allegedly became infected at a live animal market in Wuhan in mid-to-late December.

However, if this contagious and supposedly lethal virus was infecting large numbers of people months earlier, why didn’t anyone notice a spike of deaths before February 2020?

To me, the most credible answer is that the virus was contagious … but, for almost 100 percent of people who were infected by this virus, it wasn’t lethal. This latter point would explain the absence of a spike in all-cause deaths in Wuhan (and, for that matter, everywhere before February 2020).

Why Didn’t Chinese Officials Pick up on Early Spread?

My possible answers: Either the Chinese officials knew this and were covering it up or they thought the virus that made so many visitors to the World Military Games sick (and presumably plenty of local residents as well) was simply another ILI.

What we do know is that on the last day of 2019 Chinese officials did tell the world they’d identified a novel new virus.

Couldn’t China Have Just Kept its Mouth Shut?

The best question is always “Why?” So: why did China report this to the WHO? 

China is about as totalitarian a government as exists in the world. It occurs to me that China could have simply never reported the possible existence of a new pneumonia-causing virus.

As very few people in China apparently died from Covid (and most of those who did die were very old with comorbid conditions), nobody would have known anything unusual was happening on the virus front.

But, for some reason, China did report this outbreak. And, as they say, the rest is history.

One can only speculate about the reasons China did report this novel virus to the WHO … thereby setting off a chain of events that today might be labeled the Mother of All Overreactions.

If we take China at its word, this government was simply doing the right thing. If health officials discover a new virus, they should of course tell the scientific and medical community what they’ve discovered.

We Don’t Know What China’s Key Calculations Might Have Been…

Did at least some officials in China know what chain-reaction this report would ultimately produce?  Did they calculate that their nation might somehow benefit from a global pandemic and panic?

Maybe their thought was that everything to come would harm their adversaries or economic competitors more than these developments would harm their nation.

While possible, this scenario seems unlikely to me. 

China later locked down harder and longer than just about any country in the world, which couldn’t have helped their exports. Plus, as we all know, China was ultimately blamed for producing the worst virus since the Spanish flu. I can’t think of any good reason China would volunteer to accept the role of global pandemic villain.

It seems to me China would have been better off saying nothing about this virus and just let it burn out on its own.

My guess is that China reported the new virus to the WHO only because they thought they had no other choice. 

Perhaps, even in their controlled society, decision-makers in China knew they couldn’t prevent news of this outbreak reaching the rest of the world.

Perhaps they thought this virus was novel and was perhaps even a “bio-weapon” that had been intentionally released in their country.  Their leaders perhaps didn’t know how bad things might get if they didn’t respond in a draconian (aggressive or pro-active) manner. 

Or … Perhaps they knew the virus had started to circulate months earlier, but for whatever reason, China’s narrative-controllers wanted to date virus spread to late December/early January … just like American officials clearly wanted to do (and did do).

Maybe China and America’s Official Leaders Were Both Covering up the Same Thing?

Today, it’s become much more widely accepted that scientists in China – for some inexplicable reason, working with scientists from their adversary, America – were very likely trying to manipulate bat viruses in a Wuhan lab.

Given all the evidence of early cases around the world, it makes far more sense that any virus might have escaped from a Wuhan lab in September 2019 and not December or November 2019. Did officials in China – and America – have good reasons to push back the start date (virus escape date)? And, if so, what would those reasons be?

Assuming that some American officials were complicit in this infamous event, a couple of possible reasons occur to me. If exposed or proven to be true, implications that might flow from these reasons might qualify as the greatest scandal of modern history.

Possibility No. 1:

The virus perhaps escaped, probably by accident, at an American lab or a lab outside of America but not in China. America then tried to frame China as the culprit. 

However, this “frame job” would not necessarily portray China as the world villain as the authorized narrative was that the virus was naturally-occurring. That is, it wasn’t China’s fault this pandemic began. The pandemic was instead the fault of some bats that bit some animals that were later sold at a live market.

The narrative that the pandemic was definitely caused by a naturally-occurring virus has largely, if belatedly, been debunked. Or at least it’s no longer considered “settled science.” 

However (and importantly), this was THE authorized narrative for more than a year. In fact, many American scientists affiliated with the US Government Science Complex still embrace this theory as the best answer to the virus origins question.

Significantly, if the narrative that some infected bats were the true villain had been accepted as settled science, virus-origin sleuths would have no reason to investigate possible lab escapes anywhere else in the world … or any possible lab escape before December 2019.

From the POV of the few Americans who might be “in the know,” this theory – if accepted – would effectively conceal any possible US fingerprints regarding what might be the greatest crime in history.

The Real Covid Story is What happened AFTER the Virus Escaped…

While the official/authorized story and timeline of virus origins would keep virus detectives from investigating other origin theories, these narrative components still do not fully explain all the virus-mitigation responses that followed. 

Regardless of whether the virus escaped from a lab, or whether it came from bats, or even if there was no novel virus (and what everyone panicked over was perhaps a naturally-occurring virus rebranded as the super flu), the real important story involves government actions that followed the origination event. 

For the real directors of the pandemic production, the lockdowns and then the rollout of the experimental mRNA vaccines are what really seemed to matter.

My question: Would any of these events have happened if everyone realized that some new “bug” was circulating many months earlier?

My answer: No.

In my opinion, the main reason the birthdate of virus spread had to be pushed back is that this virus (regardless of what caused it) had not produced any known deaths. No spike in excess deaths occurred between November 2019 and early March 2020.

How could the Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci’s of the world and the Science/Military Industrial Complex create the requisite fear needed for the lockdowns and then the vaccines … if nobody was dying from this new virus?

It seems to me that the narrative creators had to have a big spike in deaths. As it turns out, they didn’t get the deaths (in large or eye-opening numbers) until the outbreak in northern Italy and then the outbreak on a cruise ship full of octogenarians. For their purposes, the spike in deaths they needed arrived in late February 2020.

Expressed differently, “late virus spread” produced “late deaths” (deaths spiking outside the normal virus season). And: not enough “Covid’ deaths” = not enough virus fear.

The Delay in ‘Covid Deaths’ Delayed the Main Act…

One might ask, why couldn’t the orchestrators of this production have “produced” the same panic and then, ultimately, the same number of (needed) “Covid deaths” a couple of months earlier?

My answer is that they couldn’t do this because a terrifying novel virus hadn’t been identified yet. Again, as it turns out, the key event was the “Wuhan outbreak.” The Wuhan outbreak allowed officials to identify where and when the virus originated. 

The two most important points were that this virus definitely hadn’t been produced in America and the virus definitely hadn’t begun to spread when tens of millions of people in America had Covid-like symptoms. 

The fact millions of people had already experienced signature Covid symptoms was simply a coincidence, a coincidence few if any virus experts even commented on.

Absent this official narrative and the “Wuhan Outbreak” seminal event, too many skeptics might have started looking harder at possible lab escapes in, say, America and more people might have started thinking about all the millions of people who’d already been sick with the exact same symptoms of those reported in Wuhan.

Someone might ask, “How in the heck did every expert miss this?” This might not be a charge that could get anyone prosecuted, but it would strongly suggest rampant professional ignorance or malfeasance. As it turns out, nobody (except me) made the claim that our virus experts might be incompetent for missing or refusing to investigate the obvious.

A Quick Case Study as One Example…

For example, what if American officials “confirmed” that all the global citizens I’ve identified in my “early spread” stories did have Covid in November or December 2019 or even earlier?

Everyone would know these people’s infections didn’t trace to any outbreak in Wuhan in December or November 2019. It follows that a few people might wonder how these people actually contracted this virus.

In short, officials would NOT have been able to blame the Mother of All Pandemics on some bats in China.

If the storyline later became that this virus probably was created in a lab, people would want to know what lab and when this new virus really escaped.

The Story and Agenda Required One Villain and One Virus Start Date 

Early spread that predated the “Wuhan outbreak” would open up an entirely different line of inquiry into the “origin” question. This would not rule out the WIV as the possible epicenter of a future pandemic, but this lab would not be the only “suspect.”

If the storyline became this was just another strain of a naturally-occurring coronavirus, people would wonder why they couldn’t go to church or their jobs or why their kids had to stay home from school given that this “flu-like” virus … clearly wasn’t killing anyone. 

If the real goal was to lock down society and create demand for a new type of vaccine that 75 percent of the planet would have to get, another prosaic “flu” that wasn’t causing any noticeable spikes in death …. probably wouldn’t do the trick.

However, a super flu that originated in China might work for their purposes – if said new virus  was perceived as killing a lot of people. 

This was Also Important to the Ultimate Narrative…

Also, it was very important to the narrative that officials could say they’d identified the super flu in time and thus lockdowns would save “millions of lives.”

The operative narrative became: “We have a novel virus that is actually spreading in late March and April (not, like normal, in the winter virus season), but we are now aware of this and we can protect you and your grandmother if you just do A, B, C and D and if you don’t do W, X, Y and Z.”

Even “sheeple” need a good reason to panic and voluntarily forfeit all of their liberties. “Fear of death” provided this reason. 

Thus, the key parts of the Covid program probably couldn’t commence until we had Major Proof of Death in … northern Italy, on one cruise ship and, later, in a few big-city hospitals in cities like New York, Detroit, and New Orleans (hospitals that primarily serve the poor), plus, many nursing homes.

Per my hypothesis,  the directors of the pandemic response had to wait for large numbers of deaths to occur before they could roll out the rest of their program/agenda.

The Other Key Part of the Program was the PCR Test…

If enough people were going to panic and place all their faith in their trusted bureaucrats and alleged experts, they’d also need “proof” this was indeed some novel new virus that was killing so many people.

The invention (or patent) of the Covid PCR test – which I believe was approved by health regulators in about one day – gave everyone the proof they needed. Everyone who died or who had to be hospitalized had tested positive via this amazing new diagnostic test.

IMO another reason the start date of virus spread had to be pushed back several months is that there wasn’t a PCR test when most people had been getting sick with ILI symptoms.

Until this test became widely administered (after March 15, 2020), everyone who became sick was just … sick – perhaps from confirmed influenza or, more likely, a flu-like illness.

That is, the PCR test was the real pandemic changer. Indeed, it became the official pandemic identifier. 

Apparently, as some contrarian reports later verified, as many as 94 percent of “Covid cases” wouldn’t have been labeled Covid “patients” if the cycle thresholds on said test were set at 25 or 30 instead of 35, 40 or above.

When testing became widespread, Covid cases were suddenly identified everywhere. 

As I’ve pointed out in other articles, there’s probably a good reason PCR tests weren’t available or administered to 99.9 percent of the US population until after the lockdowns. If these same tests had been available in January or February 2020, I’m almost certain millions of people would have been “testing positive.”

No PCR tests = No spreading virus and no pandemic. Widespread PCR tests = widespread Covid and the Mother of All Pandemics.

The vast majority of “Covid deaths” are thus explained by the fact all of these alleged “Covid victims” had tested positive via a PCR test. 

In my opinion, the tests probably were picking up fragments of residual or dead virus, which might have been traces from coronavirus  infections (maybe some from a novel virus and some maybe not). Maybe the tests were picking up fragments of DNA that had nothing to do with the real cause of death.

Perhaps the Greatest Covid Scandal….

One of the greatest unreported scandals in history would be the distinct possibility the overwhelming majority of “Covid deaths” were actually caused by other comorbid conditions in combination with iatrogenic treatments that contributed to these deaths. 

Also, life-saving treatments that would have been used pre-Covid were often discarded in post-Covid times. (For example, prescriptions of antibiotics given to pneumonia patients reportedly decreased significantly). 

And, of course, proven and safe medicines such as ivermectin and HCQ were outlawed as treatment options via “official health guidance.”

Another disturbing (and offl-imits) line of inquiry might seriously investigate the possibility that these deaths had been caused intentionally, perhaps to create the requisite  level of fear needed to justify the lockdowns and later the “warp speed,” experimental “vaccines.”

Personally, I do not believe millions of doctors and nurses conspired to “intentionally” increase the probability many patients under their care would die. However, even if there was no “intent,” the effect of the new treatment protocols (in my opinion) did cause a massive spike in deaths.

Also, trusted public health agencies like the CDC, WHO, NIH, and prestigious medical associations did embrace these protocols and did smear and censor medical professionals who disagreed with key parts of the Covid treatment guidance.

Intentional or not, it was the sudden spike in all-cause deaths that cemented the narrative that this was a very contagious and lethal novel virus (and thus everything that followed was justified).


It should also be noted that, due entirely to the PCR Covid tests, Covid became the first major health threat where 20 to 80 percent of people who were labeled “medical cases” never even developed symptoms or needed any kind of medical treatment.

Why the Delay in Administering PCR Tests?

Question: Couldn’t the PCR test have been developed in, say, November 2019 – if the virus had been identified months earlier?

Answer: Of course it could have been.

The public should perhaps consider this question: What if the virus had been identified in late October 2019 and the PCR test was rushed and approved by early Novemb,er and everyone with a case of sniffles started to get one?

Under this scenario, Fauci, Birx ,et al might have convinced President Trump and the nation’s governors to sign off on lockdowns four months earlier than they did. 

If one assumes that the same killer Covid protocols would have been adapted, the same panic would have no doubt commenced once these new protocols produced new spikes in deaths. 

In fact, far more people would have probably died as far more people would have actually been sick in the cold and flu season and thus more people would have no doubt been going to hospitals and doctors’ offices. (And, for many patients, the hospital was the last place they needed to be).

One Key Component Would Have Been Missing from the Authorized Storyline….

However, under this scenario, one key element of the Covid narrative would be missing. There would have been no “Wuhan outbreak” that launched this ship. China couldn’t be blamed. 

What most people now identify as “The Wuhan Flu” might be the “New York City Flu” or “The Italian Flu” or any city or country that had large numbers of people who were now testing positive for Covid via this new PCR test.

In my opinion, the directors of this production probably had to wait for a spike in deaths. They also had to wait for the PCR tests to perform their pandemic-creating black magic. 

Thirdly, they needed everyone to know that the pandemic started in a country outside of America. Perhaps China – with its bats and live markets and communism – checked several boxes as the perfect virus Patsy?

Everyone in Their Places…

If one believes this entire saga was pre-planned, it might also follow that the production’s directors would need all their key actors in place before the curtain finally came up. 

For example, The Censorship Industrial Complex would have to be up and running to fight “vaccine hesitancy” and silence the naysayers. 

The world’s key “influencers” would have to know that a “Big One” was definitely possible and that our infallible and prescient public health leaders had already developed a master plan to deal with this crisis. 

The influencers all knew that the adults in the room had already anticipated this near-certain global pandemic and had already identified the mandates they would employ to save everyone.  

All the extras in this cast of millions knew what their role was going to be to help this production succeed.

So all the Event 201-type “table top planning exercises” would have had to already occurred to get the key actors reading from the correct script. (Also, it might seem strange to some people if the pandemic started the same week as these planning rehearsals.)

Logistical I’s had to be dotted and regulatory T’s had to be crossed. Laying the groundwork for Emergency Use Authorizations and setting up the infrastructure for the new mRNA vaccines took platoons of lawyers months or years of prep work. 

It’s possible that by the time millions of people had already contracted Covid, the real decision makers simply weren’t ready to pull the trigger yet.

Or maybe they weren’t even going to pull the trigger … that is, until China’s director of public health made a world-changing phone call to the WHO on December 31, 2019. 

It’s possible officials “in the know” in America had concluded that nobody was going to even notice this particular “severe” and widespread” flu-like epidemic.

But once China did make that phone call, the producers might have instantly greenlit the project. It’s quite possible the maxim “Never let a good crisis go to waste” applied once again. 

Nothing Ever Goes as Planned, but the Key Parts of the Plan Apparently Worked Perfectly…

As things worked out, the timing couldn’t have been better and the possibility of “early spread” never even came up. To this day, nobody (who matters) thinks the virus might have started somewhere besides Wuhan or that this particular virus horse had galloped around the world by the fall of 2019.

The planners (if we want to call them that) got their new non-vaccine vaccines. They expedited the digital passport program. Nobody (who mattered) complained that our rulers took complete control over every sector of the economy and the daily lives of billions of people. All the big companies made even more money and killed off some of their small business competitors. 

The architects of the response – the smart class who attended those table-top planning exercises – were feted as global heroes. 

As a bonus, the lockdowns and mail-in ballots probably guaranteed that Donald Trump wouldn’t be reelected, which ensured our shadow rulers would have “Joe Biden” to implement the other parts of their important unfinished agendas. 

The Most-Important Disinformation Campaign…

In my last essay I argued that the US government is the real master of producing and spreading disinformation. The government and its many allies are also masters at blocking important information that might debunk or challenge the authorized narratives.

One of our rulers’ many disinformation programs informed the world that this virus didn’t begin to spread until late December 2019 in China.

Every disinformation program has the same goal – preventing the public from knowing facts or evidence that might pose a threat to powerful people if the truth was exposed.

Why couldn’t the start date of virus spread have been moved back to when it really started? The text above outlines the reasons I think this had to happen. All it took to make this happen was another successful disinformation campaign.

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