Clayton Fox

Clayton Fox was a 2020 Tablet Magazine Fellow. He has been published at Tablet, Real Clear Investigations, Los Angeles Magazine, and

Defeat the Mandates

What I Saw at the DC Rally

During one of the speeches, I can’t remember which, we were implored to turn to a neighbor, and give them a hug. After the first, most obvious hug in such a situation, people often stop, having fulfilled their social duty. But everyone it seemed was looking for a third, and a fourth, making up perhaps, for lost time. 

The Obedient Generation

As I watched the teenagers of E.T. flying past the sun, I wept for their bravery, and their fraternity, but I also wept for you, my shiny young neighbors. We, this nation, have raised you obeisant. The generation that “turned on, tuned in, and dropped out” (and the slightly younger punks) raised you with none of their same rebelliousness, nor with the faith and humility of their parents. So what did they give you instead? Obey, and you’ll be rewarded.

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