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Rebekah Barnett reports from Western Australia. She is a volunteer interviewer for Jab Injuries Australia and holds a BA in Communications from the University of Western Australia. Find her work on her Substack page, Dystopian Down Under.

misinformation disinformation

Australia’s Misinfo Bill Paves Way for Soviet-Style Censorship


History tells us that censorship regimes never end well, though it may take a generation for the deadliest consequences to play out. The draft legislation is now under review following a period of public consultation. Hopefully, the Australian Government will take the historical lesson and steer Australia off this treacherous path. 

YouTube censors

YouTube Censors Australian Politician’s Maiden Speech to Parliament


While the Lib Dems are benefiting from the Streisand effect for the time being, Member of the European Parliament, Christine Anderson, is dealing with YouTube censorship by suing the social media platform. Anderson reports that YouTube blocked two videos from parliamentary sessions in which she acted on the official Special Committee on the COVID-19 Pandemic.

ESG woke Pfizer

Pfizer’s New Woke Face 


It is also likely that some mutual back-scratching is at play in Pfizer’s support for the Voice. The Australian Government did Pfizer a solid when it signed off on secret Covid vaccine contracts that the public is not privy to, provisionally approved the under-tested shots despite glaring reasons not to, and purchased stocks in gross excess, resulting in massive wastage. Now, it’s Pfizer’s turn to add value to the Australian Government’s agenda. As previously mentioned, the sitting government is leading the YES campaign for the Voice referendum.

Dr. Sally Price

The Re-education of Dr Sally Price


Dr Price says that, as it stands, the system has strayed from its primary purpose of letting doctors be doctors and putting patients first. She speaks to a culture of fear within the medical profession. “The thing to understand is that doctors feel like someone is always behind them waiting to stab them in the back or put a bag over their head. That’s how it feels being under AHPRA,” she says. 

police state lies dormant

Western Australia’s Dormant Police State


For the time being, the police state lies dormant. The SoE has expired, and we have returned to some kind of nanny-state normal. However, the police state infrastructure is in place, and can be engaged at any time should the Premier and his Police Commissioner think it reasonable and necessary. Whatever that means.

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