I Fought for My Kids and the Liberties of Everyone: An Interview with Shannon Robinson, Plaintiff in the Anti-Lockdown Missouri Court Cases


Shannon Robinson is a lead Plantiff who challenged the state of Missouri over what she sees as illegal and unconstitutional covid-19 policies mandated by the Department of Health and Senior Services. In this interview, she talks about her motivations and the process, and the widespread sufferings experienced by her and millions of others.

Lockdowns vs. Focused Protection: The Debate Between Lipstich and Bhattacharya


On November 6, 2020, the Journal of the American Medical Association sponsored an important debate between Stanford’s Jay Bhattacharya and Harvard’s Marc Lisitch over the policy response to the pandemic. They have very different points of view, with Jay favoring “focussed protection” and traditional public health measures, while Marc is on the side of the novel “non-pharmaceutical intervention” side, e.g. lockdowns.

An Interview with Gigi Foster, Warrior Against Lockdowns


Gigi Foster, economic professor at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, is co-author of The Great Covid Panic (Brownstone Institute, 2021) and a fierce opponent of lockdowns and mandates that have caused so much damage to Australia’s economy and long-standing tradition of human rights. Jeffrey Tucker of Brownstone interview her in this detailed interview, as her book is growing in influence in Australia and around the world. 

The Fight for Civilization: Two Interviews with Jeffrey Tucker


SHARE | PRINT | EMAILTwo lengthy interviews with Brownstone founder and president are now online. The first is with the Bill Walton show, and the second is with journalist and author Robin Koerner. Excerpts from the above: “We’ve dealt with pandemics in the past. In the modern age and the 20th …

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