Public Health

Science Denied: The Biden Vaccine Mandate

It is a mark of a primitive society to attribute to political compliance or noncompliance what rational science shows is a feature of the natural world. Why? Ignorance, maybe. Power ambitions, more likely. Scapegoating is apparently an eternal feature of the human experience. Governments seem particularly good at it, even when it is less believable than ever. 

The Religious Institutions Should Never Have Acquiesced to Lockdowns

At a time of crisis, such as during a pandemic, is exactly when such institutions are even more needed than ever, and when faced with uncertainty, many seek the comfort and support of religious institutions.Yet during the pandemic and the lockdowns, religious institutions were only too willing to shut themselves down, close their doors, and therefore abandon those that depended on them. 

Lies and Tricks, Dressed Up as Science

The epidemiologists asked to advise governments almost invariably admitted that what they were advocating was only based on their projections of Covid cases and Covid deaths, devoid of any analysis of the effects these actions would have on public health, the economy, education and other important aspects of life. They nonetheless had no problem advocating lockdowns and other draconian measures.

The Fall of Intellectual Heroism

The case against lockdowns and state medical mandates is the obverse of the case for freedom itself. It seems unconscionable for any liberal mind to be wrong on this point. That so many have gone silent or even shown sympathy for medical despotism reveals just how tremendously confusing these times have been. 


Racial Segregation and Vaccine Passports: Ominous Parallels

Today, you won’t find people in polite society who have kind things to say about the eugenic theory of social organization, at least not in public. But as vaccine passports and their disparate impact reveal, it turns out to be strangely easy to manufacture a public health excuse – drawing on the primal fear of infection and disease – to recreate what amounts to the same structure with an excuse that is different only in its details but not in its impact on the social order. 

Mortality Data

A Closer look at US 2020 Mortality Data

The increase in age-specific death rates in the younger parts of the population (15 – 54 years old) has been extraordinarily significant – it is above 20%. And one cannot even state the hypothesis (which – even if the numbers fit – would still have to be examined) that this increase is due to COVID-19: Just look at the numbers, the COVID-19 death rates in these age groups are far too small. Something else must have led to this increase in mortality in the younger population. 

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