covid haiku

Covid-Era Haiku


Late night radio
I hear of Shelter in Place
Ears ring: What the F?!

Chinese guys feign falls
Evening news pretends it’s real
Psy-op underway

Germophobic Trump
Knows no science and gets played 
Epic fail to lead

Bureaucrats take charge
Faux experts tell everyone 
To fear their neighbor

All breathe the same air
Hiding under beds can’t send
Virus into ether

We have things to do
Among humans, with humans
Isolation kills

Death tolls are spiking
But the numbers are phony
Dying with, not from

Even pineapples
Test PCR positive 

Old folks fade and fall
Like red autumn maple leaves
This is how life is

Remdesivir shots
Hooked up to ventilators

Nearly all survive
Though some think the world’s ending
Immune systems work

But some crave crisis
Save the world by Netflixing
It gives them purpose

Slogans multiply 
We’re all in this together
Follow the Science

Propaganda works
Mass formation psychosis
Groupthinkers, unite!

Goofy masks abound
Virtue signalers present
Viral theater 

Test and trace charade
This isn’t like STDs
None of this shit works

Anthony Fauci
Lied until his soul withered
Then he lied some more

Churches shut their doors
The clergy remained silent
Like lambs to slaughter

Effete laptoppers
Were happy to skip commutes
Oust the Orange Man

Voting by mail to
Prevent election crowds but
Floyd protests deemed safe

Thanksgiving dinner
Don’t care if you’re family
You are not welcome

Rampant censorship 
Media buries the truth
Serves Pharma masters 

Healthy not at risk
Though Dems pretended they were
Stacking fear like bricks

Many see the game 
But won’t say so publicly
Emperor’s New Clothes

Fools screamed “vaxx or die”
With empty heads, but the jab
Fell flat on its face

Inject who knows what
Or lose your job and your home
Med Dystopia

Wait, the shots injure
And kill folks prematurely?
Grand coincidence

Placate the masses
Print mountains of green dollars
That make all poorer

Stealing time from kids
Who’ll never get those years back

Legions bought a scam
But will never admit it
Yes, you should have known

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