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Is This a Free Democratic Society?


We are still desperately trying to concentrate on the riddle series and the research waste bins, but we think that with dark humour apart, we have reached the bottom of human baseness. 

Public service used to be about looking after your population, your constituents. It used to be about putting public policy before personal and party interests, accountability, humility, and retiring in good order when the job is done without seeking personal advancement and riches for yourself or your colleagues. It used to be about financial probity and not taking any rash actions suggested to you by expediency and empty heads before you understand the consequences.

An example is the Roman general-farmer Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus, also quoted for other reasons by Mr Johnson. Cincinnatus was recalled to serve the republic as he was tending his fields. He took the dictator staff that gave him absolute power and immunity, and then, having destroyed the Gallic menace in 16 days, he gave the rod back to the Senate and became a farmer again.

The serial revelations of the last year of the “management” (forgive the term) of the Covid pandemic by our rulers have now shown up the baseness to which our human race can stoop to achieve control over us and cover their tracks.

We got Hancock regarding critics of his insane policies as enemies, modellers with a consistently poor record being sanctified, widespread theft and waste (wait until we publish some of the stuff – it beggars belief) and the luring of the subjects into a state of panic by government and media to achieve control. Vital records have also systematically been erased to cover corporate backs and avoid the nuisance of FOI requests. Panicked elderly citizens were not enough to get the populace to accept lockdown, so the BBC was enrolled to put pressure on minors and young adults to lock up, vaccinate, mask, and other evidence-free amenities when their risk of disease was close to zero, and none of the measures introduced had any evidence of transmission interruption. We have already pointed out to our readers that the BBC is untrustworthy; it will be even less reliable after being outed.

The unedifying expletive deletive show among politicians and their cliques continues, laid bare by the WhatsApp messages surviving the nightly cull. In archaeology, they would be known as “residual deposits surviving later disturbance,” meaning what’s left of documentable and verifiable evidence after thieves, robbers, and demolition squads have taken their toll.

What is now becoming painfully apparent is that in Scotland, home of the brave, Covid restrictions were based at best on political motivations and, in reality, on zero scientific evidence as we have maintained all along. Scotland is no exception. Mask mandates were introduced in England to appease Ms Sturgeon (who regarded Mr Johnson as a “fx clown”), whose testimony next week will prove interesting.

Our stance had cost us dear. We have been subject to personal attacks, University investigations, spying, ostracism, and loss of jobs. There is no science behind the six-metre rule, mask-wearing, vertical drinking and the numerous other vicious, contradictory, ridiculous, and restrictive policies that were imposed on a supposedly free people by foul-mouthed politicians and their “advisors,” a rag-tag army of overnight experts, Stalinists, and TV clowns.

Did you last see your mum dying behind a glass screen? Did your business go bust? Did you enjoy solitary confinement in your own home? Did your teenagers go bonkers in their bedrooms? Did you feel unwell but could not get access to your GP and eventually went to A&E, where you were infected? Did your friendly neighbour end up in hospital with a stroke and die of Covid? Did your mother or grandmother die of neglect in solitary confinement in a nursing home? Have your benefits just been cut because the state is bankrupt? Did you hit the bottle and sit in a chair for six months, which you can least afford because you have diabetes?

Well, you know now who you can thank.

A few people did try to bring sanity to the “situation” (that should have been “debate,” but there wasn’t any), but it did not last long. We worked with two NHS staff who were told their connivance with us would cost them their jobs.

Is this a free democratic society? We think not. Charlatan modellers and civil liberty executioners have been showered with honours and sycophantic treatment while Western governments criticised China for adopting similar measures. Look not to Russia or China as the enemies. They are here among us, pressing you to conform, think and act alike like Fritz Lange’s zombie-like citizens in his greatest movie, Metropolis.

Our disgust at what we suspected but is now confirmed knows no bounds. Free people should not tolerate influencers, lightweight healthcare decision-makers, boot lickers, profiteers, and politickers. 

The time has come to get rid of the whole lot of them. It is not difficult to eliminate cowards trying to cover their tracks and empty heads, suggesting the latest idiotic policy to circumvent it. We keep calling them out with the help of the populace they rule over. We need your help to keep going, but we must confess that the clowns being deposed by Mr Dawson have given us a leg up.

But apart from these few trivial points, the response to Covid was great; it’s time for a mutual backslap session and cuppa. More tea, My Lady?

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  • Carl Heneghan

    Carl Heneghan is Director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine and a practising GP. A clinical epidemiologist, he studies patients receiving care from clinicians, especially those with common problems, with the aim of improving the evidence base used in clinical practice.

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