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Open Letter to the People: The Time is Now

Open Letter to the People: The Time is Now


It is with a heavy heart, but a hopeful spirit, that I write this. After all, it is not easy to acknowledge that one stands in a historical place where one is able to glimpse nothing less than the possible, but fortunately not probable, demise of a society characterised by the predominance of freedom. 

I use the term, ‘predominance’ advisedly, because freedom is never absolute, but always inscribed within certain social and legal limitations, and as long as one acts within those (for example a country’s constitution) one could be said to be ‘free.’ But what has unfolded over the last four years and four months in the shape of imposing much stricter limits than ever before on the world’s people, is a harbinger of much worse to come; in fact, it adumbrates the virtually complete loss of human freedom. It could even – and this is no exaggeration – lead to the extinction of the human species. 

It is this thought of losing what freedom we used to enjoy, coupled with the consideration that it would be our children and grandchildren who will suffer most under the tyrannical dispensation that is being planned, that has prompted me to write this open letter. An ‘open letter’ implies, of course, that it is addressed to no one in particular, but to everyone in general; yet paradoxically it could only have any effect if individuals who read it take its ‘message’ to heart. 

What is my message? It is essentially a lesson on moral courage. If you have buried your head in the sand since 2020, it is time to stand upright and acknowledge what is happening in the world, namely a well-planned, concerted effort to enslave the vast majority of the human species, apart from those who will be disposed of unceremoniously – over and above those who have already fallen to the Grim Reaper’s scythe (or should I say syringe?).

Don’t think that, if you are an obedient, hitherto law-abiding member of parliament in your country, or if you are a doctor who carried out the dubious instructions of your medical superior (who is beholden to the World Economic Forum or the WHO), you will be spared. You won’t be included in the club of the erroneously named ‘elites,’ who are in fact parasites; it is a club with closed membership. In other words, there is every reason to start fighting back, instead of conniving at the process of silently installing totalitarian rule right under your nose. Stop being a coward – one day your children’s children will be ashamed of you. Make them proud instead! In 2021 already Brandon Smith wrote:

…the war is already at our doorstep. A person has two choices: Fight or be enslaved. There is no third option. There is no walking away. There is no hiding from it and there is no passive solution to it. 

You could therefore, if you accept that all of us have to die one day, do an about-face and discover in yourself what you did not know you had: courage. Don’t think that courageous people such as Dr Naomi Wolf, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Dr Joseph Mercola, British MP Andrew Bridgen, and many others whom I don’t have the space to name here, are sufficiently inhuman to be oblivious to fear. Courage does not mean the absence of fear, but the ability, no matter how difficult, to act despite your fear. You may recall that inspiring song from the movie, The King and I, where Anna sings: 

Whenever I feel afraid,

I hold my head erect 

And whistle a happy tune,

So no one will suspect 

I’m afraid.

While shivering in my shoes,

I strike a careless pose

And whistle a happy tune 

And no one ever knows 

I’m afraid. 

The result of this deception 

Is very strange to tell, 

For when I fool the people I fear, 

I fool myself as well! 

I whistle a happy tune, 

And ev’ry single time 

The happiness in the tune 

Convinces me that I’m 

Not afraid! 

Make believe you’re brave 

And the trick will take you far; 

You may be as brave 

As you make believe you are.

This may sound like a mere romanticisation of fear, but it is not; what it really means is that, when faced with danger or a threat of some kind, one has to act, and if that requires an attitude of acting as if one is brave, then so be it. It is the acting that bestows the meaning of courage on it. To be sure, there is the ‘fight or flight’ response, genetically built into all of us on evolutionary grounds, as confirmed by the fact that most people in the world have, so far, chosen the ‘flight’ option – not necessarily in the physical sense, but psychologically, by carrying on as usual, as if nothing untoward has occurred. Reflect on it, however: if fleeing in a dangerous situation simply means that you will be cornered later on, with nowhere to flee, isn’t it better to take a stand now? 

 This is no guarantee that no retributive action would be taken against you by your antagonist(s) – or by the craven cowards who serve them – of course. Well, I don’t know about you, but speaking for myself, I would rather face that risk than not be able to face my friends and family, simply because I went into a state of denial when I knew, deep down, that there was something rotten in the state of Denmark. 

It is easy to fool oneself into believing that everything is really fine, and that soon the signs which give one a feeling of unease will disappear and life will be just dandy again. At present, however, DON’T ignore these telltale signs; something is very wrong in the world, and if you really wish to return to a semblance of normality and civility, look truth in the face, and whistle that happy tune as a prelude to acting. We have reached the point where everything is in the balance – not only our lives, but our and our descendants’ future as free citizens. 

Although the scale of the present threat to our freedom is vast, exceeding anything that has gone before in history, it is not the first time that people have had to decide to resist, or revolt against, such a menace. During the Second World War, for instance, it was not only soldiers who had to gather their courage on the battlefield, to oppose and obliterate the threat that fascism held for the world, when six million Jews were murdered in the notorious gas chambers of Auschwitz, Dachau, and other death camps, let alone the millions of other people who perished in other countries such as Russia. 

Many brave souls joined the resistance movements in the countries occupied by the Nazis, for example, knowing well that if they were apprehended, they would probably be executed. Even an individual who was a member of the Nazi Party – Oskar Schindler – had the courage to devise a scheme to save the Jews in his industrial workforce (in Poland) from probable death. His story has been captured in the film, Schindler’s List (based on an historical novel), directed by Steven Spielberg, and it conveys the risks as well as the courage it took to carry out such a daring scheme.

The list of known individuals who have risked their lives in a struggle for freedom throughout history does not end there, and it is salutary to remind ourselves of some of them. These include Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the German theologian, who revolted against the Nazis and was murdered by them, and Spartacus, the gladiator who rebelled against the might of Rome to free slaves from their inhuman yoke. Then we can add Mahatma Gandhi, Steve Biko, and many others, all of whom exemplify the willingness to fight for their freedom. What they all had in common was rebelling against an oppressor that was easy to identify, albeit not that easy to overcome. 

Today it is far more difficult to identify those who are in the process of executing the (attempted) global coup d’etat, simply because they go out of their way to disguise everything they do as somehow being beneficial for humanity, while, in fact, it is the exact opposite. If you have routinely been deceived by the shills (such as the mainstream media) serving the New World Order, learn to look for alternative sources of information, such as Global Research, Redacted, The People’s Voice on Rumble, Children’s Health Defense, The Daily Clout and ZeroHedge

We have been told that 15-minute cities, for example, are the way to go, to ameliorate the ‘climate crisis.’ Evidence suggests, however, that this is a cover-up of the WEF’s intention, to use the boundaries demarcating the 15-minute squares, not as markers that people could freely cross if they wished, but as permanent electronic barriers to limit our movements arbitrarily. Are you willing to accept this? And if you are, do you realise that, as soon as your freedom of movement has been taken away, you are in effect living under totalitarian conditions? 

There are several other ways in which the technocrats hellbent on controlling the world population want to do so, as some of you may know. My plea to you is that, once you have become aware of these, you steadfastly refuse to be duped into believing the lies of the organisations comprising the New World Order – mainly the WEF, the WHO, and the United Nations. 

Above all, DO NOT COMPLY. If all of us had practiced non-compliance during the Covid ‘pandemic’ – which was not a real pandemic, but a trial run for totalitarian rule – the ‘authorities’ would have been unable to do much. But too many chose to comply, leaving those who did not vulnerable. Even if a new ‘pandemic’ were to be declared, do not comply, and don’t accept another so-called ‘vaccine’ – it is virtually certain to kill you by design. Rather, find out how you can protect yourself against a pathogen from alternative, reliable sources of information, such as Dr Mercola’s website, or America’s Frontline Doctors. 

This letter is not only addressed to ordinary, wide-awake people who have suffered under the burgeoning tyranny; after all, the ‘people of the world’ include those who have capitulated to the threats and blackmail that made them believe that they have no alternative but to ‘play along,’ lest they lose their jobs or even their lives. I have news for you: there is always an alternative to caving in to the threats of others, and that option is the one where your salvation lies, where your conscience will no longer nudge you with its silent voice, reminding you that you should not have yielded to those who want to enlist you as an ally in their quest for world control. Do you want to reclaim your freedom? Then do it. Not to choose freedom still presupposes freedom of choice.

If you are one of those pathetic members of the British Parliament who sat in silence while the sole brave soul in the House, Andrew Bridgen – the voice of reason, if ever there was one, and the conscience of the whole of the UK, as it were – appealed to his fellow parliamentarians to acknowledge that the Covid ‘vaccines’ are not really vaccines, and are killing people in large numbers – because of which they should be suspended immediately – take the opportunity when it presents itself again, to stand up and declare your solidarity with Mr Bridgen. You may be surprised to find that others may follow suit. Say that you cannot stay silent any longer. 

The same goes for the European Parliament, where a few courageous, conscientious individuals have taken a stand against the tyrants, particularly the WHO and its attempt to bully humanity into a ‘pandemic treaty’ that would give it unprecedented power over all the people in the world, effectively suspending the sovereignty of all member countries. That inimitably intrepid, fierce warrior on behalf of all the world’s citizens, Christine Anderson of Germany, ought to be singled out for her unwavering stance against the WHO and the evil empire headed by Klaus Schwab, the malevolent would-be emperor of the NWO. If all of us could follow her example, the world would soon be liberated. 

 I therefore appeal to all of you – particularly those who have thus far lived in denial –who read this open letter, to find fortitude, resilience, and above all, courage and faith in yourselves, that we can and will succeed in ridding the world of the wicked coterie of technocratic neo-fascists hiding under the umbrella of the UN, the WEF, and the WHO, so that we can reassert our ethical and political rights and duties toward one another in a world dedicated to peace instead of internecine war at many levels. Humanity has always striven for peace as an ideal; it is worth doing so again. 

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