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Teflon Tony Coasts through 'Grilling'

Teflon Tony Coasts through ‘Grilling’

Nobody on the Committee asked this question.

I watched the final 2 1/2 hours of hearings of the House Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic where Dr. Anthony Fauci was questioned by Committee members. My initial takeaways from this hearing include:

Take-away No. 1 (the bottom-line takeaway): Nothing significant or negative is going to happen to Anthony Fauci, the key government bureaucrat in the disastrous Covid response. Members of the Republican majority might issue a “harshly-worded” report that criticizes a few elements of Fauci and the NIAID’s handling of the government response, but that will be it for Congressional accountability. 

Fauci – or nobody in government – has to worry about, say, going to jail for any of their official activities between January 1, 2020 and today. 

* Today’s hearing probably qualifies as a major win for Team Establishment. The long-shot possibility of serious penalties or full exposure (aka the full truth) ever occurring is almost certainly now behind conspirators of the greatest fraud in US and world history.

Such hearings are usually over-hyped…as this one was. Members agreed to rules that allotted them only five minutes to ask questions and many of the “questions” were pre-written statements with no questions asked. No substantive cross-examination occurred.

* No Democrat member of the Committee asked Fauci a single skeptical or critical question. Democrats simply repeated the authorized narrative that Fauci and his trusted team of public health experts “saved millions of lives” and should be considered “heroes.”

  • The historical record should at least show that every member of the Democratic Party apparently accepts virtually every aspect of the official Covid narrative. For these members, “Congressional oversight” consists of defending every pronouncement, mandate, and policy of the alphabet health agencies Congress creates and funds.

Indeed, many Democratic speakers used their five minutes to portray Fauci as a victim of grave “misinformation” and “disinformation” efforts on the part of bloggers and Internet skeptics, a view that Fauci agreed with and promoted.

  • An obvious Democrat talking point was that poor Dr. Fauci had been subjected to many “death threats” and smears on his reputation by conspiracy theorists who don’t understand real science.

(Never mentioned by Democrats were the nonstop smears, cancellation, bullying, and job-loss inflicted on anyone who did criticize the Fauci/Government response.)

In my view, even the strongest critics on the Republican side do not understand key Covid issues nearly as well as the vast majority of my readers or the vast majority of the “Covid contrarian” authors on Substack. 

That is, most of the most damning lines of inquiries were not pursued in these limited questions.

(Note: In January, Fauci sat for 14 hours of “transcribed interviews,” but I don’t see anything from those sessions that’s going to lead to any kind of real prosecutions or serious tribunals.)

Examples of Topics Not Covered or Questions Not Pursued

Needless to say, in the 14-hour nonpublic session and in today’s questions,  nobody asked any questions on my key area of research – early spread or when a novel virus might have really begun to spread outside of China. 

Such questions should be vitally important as they would help answer the question of how “deadly” this virus really was or is. For some reason, the possibility that millions of Americans could have been infected before the “Wuhan Outbreak” remains a taboo area of “investigation.”

Also, I didn’t see one member of Congress (Republican or Democrat) who questioned the accepted predicate that 1.1 million Americans died “from Covid.” For example, nobody pointed out the studies that show up to 94 percent of alleged Covid victims had multiple serious “comorbid” conditions.

(Fauci repeatedly made references to 4,000 or more deaths per day to justify the draconian lockdowns and non-pharmaceutical interventions. Nobody ever broached the possibility the vast majority of these alleged Covid deaths were not, in fact, “Covid” deaths).

Nobody mentioned the average age of death of a Covid victim was 79 to 82…nor the fact that officials had to know by April 2020 that the vast majority of Covid victims were over the age of 75 and up to half were nursing home residents. (In other words, by March 2020 it should have been known that the virus posed no mortality threat to 99 percent of Americans and especially children and young adults).

Nobody followed up on the fact that the reported Covid deaths in America comprise a disproportionate percentage of the world’s number of “Covid deaths.” If America’s Covid response was so heroic and effective, why did so many more Americans die from Covid than in other countries?

Nobody brought up the jaw-dropping number of “excess” deaths that have occurred in America since the “safe and effective” non-vaccines began to be administered to 72 percent of the population in December 2020. Excess deaths are another off-limits topic to Congress and the mainstream media.

So too are “iatrogenic deaths.” I didn’t hear or read any questions about ventilator deaths, remdesivir and morphine deaths, or deaths caused by antibiotics being prescribed far less often.

Many Questions Dealt with Fauci’s Right-Hand Man

Many of the Republican questions focused on comments made before the same committee made by Fauci’s “Senior Advisor” of 20 years, Dr. David Morens.

Fauci, not surprisingly, was critical of Dr. Morens’ smoking-gun emails, which revealed Morens was working to hide emails from FOIA requests. However, Fauci distanced himself from this “senior advisor,” suggesting he only shared personal emails with him when the two men collaborated on a scientific study.

In the belatedly released emails and in his recent testimony, Morens said he would send emails to “Tony” via a personal email or even have private conversations at Fauci’s home. I would have liked one member of Congress to at least ask Fauci how often David dropped by his boss’s house to talk about NIAID business/cover-ups.

Fauci said he’s “always” been “open” to the possibility this virus came from a Chinese lab. This drew perhaps the best response from a committee member (Rep. Jim Jordan) who replied he would be “amazed” if the American public believed Fauci’s whopper (that Fauci had never “pushed to downplay the lab-leak theory.”)

Cong. Marjorie Greene Steals the Headlines

The most entertaining 10 minutes occurred when maverick Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene displayed a series of graphics purporting to show Fauci’s brand of faux or troubling “science.”

Greene kept calling Fauci “Mr. Fauci” instead of “Dr. Fauci” and later expounded that she was not going to call him a doctor or scientist because he didn’t deserve the title.

This line of questioning stirred several members to make “point-of-order” objections, claiming the Congresswoman was insulting other Committee members and disrespecting an esteemed witness (Dr. Fauci).

Greene replied that Mr. Fauci does not deserve the title of “doctor” nor does he warrant any respect as he had committed “crimes against humanity.” 

She really touched a nerve when one of her posters reminded everyone that Fauci had approved scientific grants that resulted in cute beagle puppies being tortured and harmed in scientific experiments.

Earlier, Fauci had been profusely defended by Democratic Congressman Kweise Mfume, who, surprisingly, had criticized Fauci’s right-hand man, Dr. Morens 10 days earlier.  Today, however, Mfume enthusiastically defended Morens’ boss and close confidant (Fauci) as a brave public servant and revered scientist.

Interestingly, Mfume brought up the Tuskegee experiments as a previous abomination and criminal activity perpetrated by the US government science industrial complex.

The Congressman correctly pointed out that for 40 years, US scientists conducted syphilis experiments on hundreds of African-American men, all of whom were refused proper and available treatment for their painful and life-altering medical conditions.

Apparently, it hasn’t occurred to the Congressman that if US government agencies could be that sinister – and cover up scandals for that long – that maybe something similar could be happening today.

Several of Fauci’s Democratic interrogators heaped praise on their hero for his leadership in protecting Americans from numerous (bogus) pandemics and his leadership in battling the AIDS/HIV crisis. 

For some reason, they also credited his leadership in investigating the anthrax attacks shortly after 9-11. (Those mailed spores of anthrax almost certainly came from the US government…And those attacks resulted in hundreds of billions (or trillions?) of extra dollars being earmarked to the Science Industrial Complex and its bio-weapons research…which no doubt led to Covid.)

The Hearing Ends on a Disconcerting Note

Perhaps the most disturbing comments came from the Republican chairman of the Committee, Dr. Brad Wenstrup, who, in the hearing’s final comments, heaped praise on Fauci for “voluntarily” testifying and mentioned all the great work Fauci and his colleagues have done in creating various vaccines and medical treatments. The chairman also repeatedly praised the “warp speed” Covid vaccine program.

In other words, I was not left with the impression the US Congress is going to roll back funding of new mRNA vaccines or future “bio-weapons” research. 

As far as I can tell, members of Congress don’t really care about the unprecedented number of excess deaths caused by “vaccines,” the huge number of iatrogenic deaths or seriously investigating when a novel virus really started infecting large numbers of citizens.

Offered ample cover from Democratic members of the committee, Dr. Fauci coasted through his answers without breaking a sweat.

I haven’t read the MSM coverage yet, but I’m sure it will echo talking points of Congressional Democrats and state that none of the claims brought by Republicans could be “corroborated” by evidence.

…Thus ended the official “grilling” of Dr. Anthony Fauci, an American “hero” who continues to be persecuted by a few disinformation-spreading members of Congress and tens of millions of Internet kooks like myself.

Per Fauci and his Democratic sycophants, more disinformation programs should be aggressively prescribed to further silence would-be critics of “real science.” 

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