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The Tribe that Wants Kids Forever Masked 


One critical benchmark of a civilized society is how it treats its most vulnerable human populations and how it treats animals. Does the populace look the other way when the elderly, children, the disabled and animals are abused or are perpetrators apprehended and punished to the furthest extent of the law? Are abusers incarcerated, or merely given a slap on the wrist and set free to torment and destroy more of G-d’s miraculous living creations? 

In general, the Chinese Coronavirus pandemic empowered large numbers of truly awful and unhappy people to unleash their most obsessive health-related neurosis onto the general population and expect others to comply with their every hypochondriacal whim. It emboldened miserable and terrified masses of people and gave them public license and approval to scold strangers for not covering their faces, to normalize dystopian “public health” rules that had no basis in science and to generally consider themselves exceptionally good people for doing so, and certainly they were better than you and knew better than you what was good for your health. Their lives became meaningful in direct proportion to the number of rules they imposed upon themselves and demanded of others. 

Up until March 2020, when the pandemic hit, there seems to have been a consensus in civilized societies that cruelty to children was immoral. But the Coronavirus pandemic changed that and has therefore uniquely damaged a generation of children and youth among its other human carnage. 

Cruelty to children has been rebranded and normalized by the credentialled “public health” masses in lockstep with an increasingly corrupted medical and educational establishment. Cruelty to children is fashionable and positioned as virtuous. And while adults now dine and conduct their daily business in regular fashion, go to the Super Bowl (70,000 fans), and live the good life, a hard core of despicable humans still insists that children must remain masked, seemingly indefinitely. And the proponents of masking children deliver their imperatives with such stubborn, sneering insistence and such glee, that one can only wonder if this obsession has crossed the rubric into sociopathic fetish territory. Follow the (political) science, they said. 

Sadism toward children – there is no other way to describe it, unfortunately – is being expressed in the mandatory masking of their young faces no matter what evidence there is – scientific, anecdotal or personal –that it is harmful to children. The face mask is one of (if not the) the most critical devotional principal pillars of the Cult of Covid and heresy will not be tolerated, your children’s physical and mental health be damned. 

The face mask is the evil talisman of the Religion of Covid and it simply must be destroyed, obliterated and those who cheered it must be regarded with deep suspicion at best and in an ideal world, should be charged with child abuse. At the very least, the sinister adults who have mandated these policies without a shred of remorse or regret should never have any control or power over any child or other living being ever again. 

We are supposed to ignore the sickening hypocrisy of politicians surrounded by masked children, of adults dining unmasked and going about their regular life unmasked while insisting on children being masked, the spectacle of children being forced to be masked in outdoor play settings, in dangerously hot temperatures, as they physically exert themselves and as they partake in normal childhood activities is simply a crime against humanity. Children, especially disabled children, cannot learn with masks. Masks make them suffer. It is a repulsive spectacle, and only the mandatory masking of the serving class next to their maskless masters compares even remotely.

Parents have spent enough time politely asking, and even demanding of their betters in government and education “Unmask our children.” It’s well past time to just do it because they can’t expel us all. It’s also well past time to put the mask fascists on notice with whatever tools are available. The mask fetishists, along with those who were the prime cheerleaders for closing our schools, must be punished, and permanently deterred from ever, ever attempting a repeat of this utter fiasco. 

I will repeat: the battle line in the return to normal is masking children.

The mask mandates in general, and the masking of children must be recognized for the pureness of its evil, and defeated by all civilized persons. We must ensure that the imprisonment of our children’s faces and bodies never, ever happens ever again. For whatever reason they claim to be operating under, for whatever ‘good intentions’ they claim to be motivated by, one thing is clear: only truly sick, uncaring and child-hating adults could possibly want your childrens’ faces covered indefinitely. And this is a hill worth dying for. 

A high school friend of mine once joked that there were only two groups of people in the world; those who divided people into two groups and those who didn’t. But as far as I’m concerned, there are only two groups of people in the world; those who want your children’s faces covered indefinitely no matter what the human cost and those who want them forever free, as is their G-d given birthright. 

Pick your tribe.


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