Laura Rosen Cohen

Laura Rosen Cohen is a Toronto writer. Her work has been featured in The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, National Post, The Jerusalem Post, The Jerusalem Report, The Canadian Jewish News and Newsweek among others. She is a special needs parent and also a columnist and the official In House Jewish Mother of internationally best-selling author Mark Steyn at

The Baby Formula Shortage Is Serious

This shouldn’t be a left wing or a right wing thing. This shouldn’t be a Democrat versus Republican thing. Left wingers and right wingers all have babies and toddlers, and those babies, grandchildren of those of the political left and right, will be starving soon if our leadership doesn’t get its act together. 

Freedom Must Begin at Home 

Peace talks, or at least ceasefire talks are underway between Russia and Ukraine. No such ideological ceasefire, talks or dialogue of any kind are occurring in Canada between political factions or between leaders and their psychologically, financially and emotionally wounded populace. The coronavirus measures enacted in Canada have created a highly divisive country, torn apart along public health lines. 

The Tribe that Wants Kids Forever Masked 

Up until March 2020, when the pandemic hit, there seems to have been a consensus in civilized societies that cruelty to children was immoral. But the Coronavirus pandemic changed that and has therefore uniquely damaged a generation of children and youth among its other human carnage. 

“The Honking Will Continue”: A Conversation With BJ Dichter

BJ Dichter is one of the organizers of the Canadian Truckers for Freedom Convoy and its media spokesman. We had an opportunity to speak with him earlier this week about the situation in Ottawa, the convoy’s strategy and about some of the political elements that are at play as this extremely fluid situation makes headlines and continues to inspire people all over the world. 

Trudeau Is Playing with Fire

Will Justin Trudeau back down and negotiate? Capitulate? Or will Trudeau’s classless verbal attacks morph into physical retaliation against the mostly working class truckers, their supporters on the ground in Ottawa and the millions of Canadians who also disagree with him and his sweeping mandates and are demanding their freedom?

Ontario the Cruel

The children of Ontario are victims of nearly two solid years of psychologically and emotionally damaging messages emanating from public health officials and social media celebrity doctors about how dangerous they are to the people they love; that they are dirty disease carriers, that they could be ‘granny killers’ and inadvertently pass along a deadly virus to their loved ones. They could murder their grandparents! In turn, many Ontario parents have been rendered so utterly terrified about the exaggerated risks to their children from Covid-19 that they are now fully convinced that all children are a health risk to others. 

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