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Wuhan cover-up

The Wuhan Cover Up, by RFKJr.


The title of US Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s new book, The Wuhan Cover Up, does not really represent the scope and nature of this seminal work.  This book is the most comprehensive historic summary and indictment of the history of the United States’ biowarfare/biodefense program ever written.

Summarizing an amazing sweep of untold censored history, it begins with ancient Mediterranean and European examples of both chemical and biological warfare, proceeds to an open discussion of the shocking truths concerning Imperial Japan’s WWII biowarfare program (Unit 731), the importation of both Japanese and German biowarfare experts and technologies into Fort Detrick to create USAMRIID (operation Paperclip), strategic evasion of global biowarfare “treaties,” through to the present Wuhan Institute of Virology CIA/Intelligence Community/Chinese CCP collusion and cover up, and concludes by glancing into the future.

What is often overlooked by academia, corporate media, and the Washington, DC political caste is that the history of modern biology (particularly microbiology, molecular biology, and virology) and the infectious disease pharmaceutical industry is intimately entwined with the American biowarfare enterprise. 

It has been estimated that total Federal expenditures on biowarfare research and development from the end of WWII through to the implementation of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (1975) exceeded the costs of the US Nuclear Warfare program during this period, and this biowarfare program (and funding stream) is intimately linked to academia.  

Most of the leaders of the American Society of Microbiology were also leaders in the American DoD/CIA-funded biowarfare program.  This background and context is necessary to understand how the fundamental corruption of academic medicine, peer-reviewed journals, the CDC, FDA, biological and academic research have been so comprehensive, as has been revealed by the COVIDcrisis.  Just follow the money.

Which leads us to the most recent and egregious sordid chapter in this sorry tale, The Wuhan Cover Up.  A case study demonstrating the consequences of the situational ethical slide which often occurs when a massive administrative bureaucracy fuses with an “intelligence community.” 

The resulting Leviathan, steeped in the utilitarian “ends justify the means” logic typical of all those skilled liars who have practiced spycraft throughout the ages, eventually forgets both its purpose and its commitment to serving the citizenry, and becomes a predatory monster. 

With his masterful summary, Mr. Kennedy has provided the receipts on how this modern embodiment of the slouching beast foretold in Yeats’ “Second Coming” has been born and nurtured via a cooperation of convenience between the Western and Eastern military/intelligence/industrial complexes. 

Now, looking forward, the open question is whether this globalized Leviathan will continue to succeed in its efforts to deploy advanced psychological and information control methods on the entire human community to avoid the consequences of its actions?

Or will this book and the work of so many others trigger an awareness, awakening, and effective reaction among citizens to the deep corruption of medical-biological research, medical ethics, and the entire Western “health” enterprise which has occurred over the last century? With this book as a guide, we can see the enemy, the face of creeping globalized utilitarian evil, and it is us. 

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