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The Washington Post Whitewashes the Covid Response


The Washington Post’s Editorial Board just published a big article looking back at America’s Covid response. The  editorial’s authors use a report from a team of “seasoned experts” to frame what America’s leaders did right and wrong in said response.

As a quick aside, I note that The Washington Post’s motto is “Democracy dies in darkness.” 

Indeed it does. In fact, people who live in a “democracy” can and do literally die when society’s major “watchdog” newspapers refuse to shine any light on dangerous falsehoods.

I’ll start with a sentence from the first paragraph of the editorial: 

“But a closer examination by a team of seasoned experts has brought to the surface a profoundly unsettling conclusion. The United States, once the paragon of can-do pragmatism, of successful moon shots and biomedical breakthroughs, fell down on the job in confronting the crisis. The pandemic, the experts say, revealed “a collective national incompetence in government.”

The  aforementioned “seasoned experts” did reach a few common-sense conclusions.

For example, the seasoned experts acknowledge that the virus was not spread via physical surfaces and we didn’t really need those 6-feet separation “laws.” That is, grocery stores that were forced to spend money to affix decals every six feet saying this … didn’t actually need to do this.

Also, the seasoned experts now say people could have probably gone outside after all.

For all the mandates the government experts botched, at least they got the “vaccine” right, Post readers are told with certainty.

A few quick rebuttal statements …

From the editorial: “The pandemic also found the United States navigating without critical information about the virus and how it was moving.

“…Timing was hard when authorities could not track the virus spread.”

Comment: As I keep pointing out, our trusted CDC experts said the virus hadn’t even reached America until “latter January” 2020

That is, every one of our trusted experts completely missed the first months of virus spread. It never occurred to any of them that many people sick people with Covid/ILI symptoms might have already had Covid.

From the editorial: “… the United States and other nations don’t have to rely on nations that “may be unwilling to sound an alarm,” as was the case with China, which covered up the spreading virus in the early weeks, allowing it to explode into a pandemic …”

Question: If China “covered up” a “spreading virus” (which this government probably did), didn’t America’s health officials and virus sleuths do the exact same thing?

A big shout-out to the vaccine developers ….

From the editorial: “… The United States did some things well, the experts conclude, such as the crash vaccine development and manufacturing effort, Operation Warp Speed, which was a bargain at $30 billion.”

Comments: The worst thing our officials did – develop an “unsafe” and “ineffective” vaccine – is touted as the one thing our experts did “well.”  Again – and for what it’s worth – the “vaccine” wasn’t even a “vaccine.” Real vaccines actually prevent diseases and stop infections and spread.

That Warp Speed “bargain” shot is now producing record numbers of excess deaths, hospitalizations and life-altering or disabling medical conditions in tens of millions of Americans. These are the real results we got from that $30 billion “bargain.” (FWIW, those results, per The Post’s non-stop efforts, remain in the “darkness.”)

These shots were then given to healthy children who have a 0.000 mortality risk from Covid.

And the same experts are still encouraging everyone to get their “boosters” even though 85 percent of the population that got their first two shots is saying, “No thank you. I think I’ll pass on those.”

From the editorial: “The administration abdicated its wartime responsibility to lead … It left the battlefield, and the war strategy” to the states and localities ..”

Comment: See how the authors approve of the “war-time” approach of government leaders? (Also, how “real democracy” hates it when state or local governments possess real authority or reject federal “guidance.”)

This was the WWII of pandemics. Every agency and corporation had to be mobilized and every citizen had to do his or her part to fight this “war.”

If you didn’t do your part and didn’t believe 100 percent in the dictates of our rulers,  you were a very bad citizen and deserve the Gestapo treatment you received.

Wars are fought to repel menaces who can conquer your country and kill anyone and everyone if the crusaders aren’t defeated. In a full-blown, high-stakes war, every citizen is mobilized and the government takes charge of virtually every activity. 

Such is the prescription these experts endorse and want us to follow when the next pandemic arrives … and the next  WWIII pandemic will arrive.

Recommendation re-stated: “Do what we say. Listen to the experts. We’ll handle everything. You (and your children) will die if you don’t listen to us.”

Here’s one concrete solution – more science and health bureaucracy

Not surprisingly, one recommendation of the authors is to create a new super bureaucratic agency, which we can all be sure will save us when the next crisis arrives.

From the editorial: “One of their major recommendations is to create a “national health security enterprise” that would better direct overall strategy from the federal level with a new undersecretary of HHS for health security.”

Comment: So, next time, our rulers are going to “direct” everyone… “better” … because we’ll have a better bureaucratic agency with even more power to issue more “emergency orders.”  (Note also in our New Normal “democracy,” legislative votes are not required.)

For what it’s worth, other experts and legions of diplomats are already pushing a new treaty to give the World Health Organization (WHOcarte blanche-control over every citizen in the world come the next Big One. 

I don’t know if The Post has penned an editorial on this initiative yet, but we can be sure the paper’s editors believe we all need to support this life-saving “reform” as well.

I always like to point out topics these articles and reports don’t bring up.

For example, the editorial’s authors do not call for a Nuremberg 2.0 type tribunal to tar and feather (and imprison) all the experts who created the most unnecessary “crisis” in world history. In The Post’s democracy-affirming,  bright-light world, our obtuse experts have nothing to worry about for being spectacularly wrong.

I don’t even have to bother reading the full report. I know what it says. It says our experts should have done better … but they will do better with the next crisis … as long as we give these proven morons and psychopaths even more control and power.

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