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Seth Smith is an avid outdoorsman and public librarian based in Missouri.


Whatever Happened to the Healing Power of Positive Thinking? 


How did belief in the natural healing power of the body and mind get replaced by hysteria, panic, iatrogenesis and a fanatical reliance on Big Pharma? What black hole did all the hippies and granola-types fall into, the people I spent much time with as a kid, while helping my mother at our local food co-op? 


Five Lessons from Three Years of Authoritarianism 


In retrospect, America in February of 2020 seems like a libertarian, innocent age compared to our current one. We did not live under the shadow of possible nuclear holocaust. Everyday life was devoid of the nanny-state elements of our current age. Many of us had gone through life never quite knowing what the destructive power of a government run amok looked like. 

nonessential transhumanism robots and AI

They Made Me Nonessential 


What seems clear is that this “nonessential” term is a remarkably 21st century phenomenon, part of the same “transhuman” and pseudo-scientific ideology that props up the junk philosophies of people like Klaus Schwab and that have made great swaths of liberal cities, workplaces, and especially educational arenas simply intolerable. For Schwab, the use of robots and AI are the next step in planning for “nonessential” work. 

punk is dead

Punk Rock Is Dead, Killed by the CDC 


Many artists who once represented the true essence of renegade rock and punk, those who embraced it early on (Neil Young is a great example from his wonderful Rust Never Sleeps) had actually become the establishment, clearly a group of people who would censor and even destroy if one did not follow the rules of the establishment. 

The Prophetic Genius of Ivan Illich


How did the non-conformists and radicals of the 1960s and 1970s, who were also heavily skeptical of the medical-industrial complex and who helped turn alternative medicine into a billion dollar industry, become some of the most rabid supporters of lockdowns and Covid vaccine mandates?

The Cure Was Vastly Worse than the Disease 


If we don’t keep speaking out about the horrors that the “public health” mafia, liberal elite, and mainstream scientific narrative has wrought upon us, we will continue down a path toward tyranny of a tiny coterie of “experts” who have perhaps intentionally led us into a miasma of destroyed human lives and societies. 

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