Sunetra Gupta

Sunetra Gupta is a professor of theoretical epidemiology in the Department of Zoology at the University of Oxford.

Canada’s Pandemic Policy Assaulted the Working Classes

The Canadian COVID-19 lockdown strategy is the worst assault on the working class in many decades. Low-risk college students and young professionals are protected; such as lawyers, government employees, journalists, and scientists who can work from home; while older high-risk working-class people must work, risking their lives generating the population immunity that will eventually help protect everyone. This is backwards, leading to many unnecessary deaths from both COVID-19 and other diseases.

Disease Modeling

The Perils of Disease Modelling

There are a number of reasons why the language of mathematics may not always provide much insight into a complex reality. At a very simple level, many of the fundamental processes involved, such as a consumer choice or movement of livestock, may not be amenable to mathematical formulation.

A Pathogen of Panic

Covid-19 is not a political phenomenon. It is a public health issue — indeed, it is one so serious that the response to it has already led to a humanitarian crisis. So I have been aghast to see a political rift open up, with outright abuse meted out to those who, like me, question the orthodoxy.

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