Most Academics Went Silent. Why?

Yet, throughout this pandemic, notice how many global health scholars were totally silent on lockdowns. How many global health researchers said nothing as India sacrificed the future of a generation with school closures? How many US based disparity researchers or early childhood advocates were silent on school closure? I believe most were quiet!

Covid-19 at College: Which Institutions Stayed Sane and Which Went Insane?

A review of college mitigation policies suggests that the more elite the college the more draconian the mitigation measures. With some digging, you can uncover a wide range of excellent private and public colleges. Most important to keep in mind; any school that makes complying with mandates a non-negotiable condition to making dreams come true should promptly be removed from the list.

Brownstone Institute at Six Months

Freedom is not an option, despite what they say. It is not something granted to us by the powerful at their discretion. It is a universal right, one protected only by a culture that loves it, institutions that guard it, and people who fight for it. We can get there. We are in a position to help prove this, to rebuild, and work for a world in which nothing like this ever happens again. 

Grading the Governors: Who Locked Down and Who Opened?

Not one governor performed perfectly during the pandemic and lockdowns. With media pressure, a desire to balance their constituents, and a desire to get reelected and move on to federal positions down the road, it was an enormously difficult job for all of them. For every single one, from Governors Newsom and Cuomo to Noem and DeSantis, it was the most challenging policy-making of their careers, and for any governor in perhaps American history

It Was All There in the EUA. Why Couldn’t They See it? 

In a world where, to paraphrase Zygmunt Bauman, all is liquid and most are driven by the search for fleeting sensations, and where establishing a personal hermeneutic through reading and contemplation is considered quaintly quixotic when not impossible, the mutterings of the authority figure nearby take on an enhanced attraction. 

Bureaucrats Riding the Omicron Wave

Repeat after me: Keep our community safe. Keep our campus safe. We will be safe if you all behave safely. Safety is our first priority. If you’re not with us, you’re with the virus. Still today, at places like Princeton, grievances can often only be aired in private about the constant dreary pronouncements from official authorities purporting to be so very concerned for your health and safety, yadda yadda yadda.

Early Outpatient Treatment for COVID-19: The Evidence

The evidence accumulated very early on in the pandemic that the use of sequenced multi-drug therapeutics (SMDT) under physician guidance was beneficial and that some medications were safe and effective. We refer to repurposed therapeutics that have been regulatory approved and have been used in some instances for decades for other illnesses. 

The Obedient Generation

As I watched the teenagers of E.T. flying past the sun, I wept for their bravery, and their fraternity, but I also wept for you, my shiny young neighbors. We, this nation, have raised you obeisant. The generation that “turned on, tuned in, and dropped out” (and the slightly younger punks) raised you with none of their same rebelliousness, nor with the faith and humility of their parents. So what did they give you instead? Obey, and you’ll be rewarded.

My Life After Leaving College

Being forced to leave university was very painful. My university adopted Alberta’s Restriction Exemption Program. None of the options given to allow me to continue my education were suitable. That left Academic Leave as my only choice. 

Students with Disabilities Need the Least Restrictive Environment

More than other members of society, children are at a critical phase in development, with their well-being largely dependent on the good judgement of the adults around them. As we wrap up the holiday season, full of reminders of the innocence and joy of childhood, it’s time to embrace our responsibility, as adults, to protect that innocence through reasonable pandemic policy. 

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