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Media articles feature analysis and commentary about mass media, entertainment, censorship, and propaganda.

All media articles at Brownstone Institute are translated into multiple languages.

The Fall of Critical Thinking- Brownstone Institute

The Fall of Critical Thinking


The most alarming aspect of the contemporary scene may actually not be things like the horrific potential of nuclear and biological weapons. Instead, it could be the rejection of objective truth and rational thought as essential guides to sensible conduct. When even the sciences and medicine become unmoored from reason and reality, we are all in serious trouble.

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The White House Makes Good on Its Antitrust Threats- Brownstone Institute

Why the Department of Justice Wants to Take Down Apple


Just as the FDA and CDC became marketing and enforcement arms of Pfizer and Moderna, so too the Justice Department is now revealed as a censor and industrial promoter of Samsung. This is how captured agencies with hegemonic ambitions operate, not in the public interest but in the private interest of some industries over others and always with the goal of reducing the freedom of the people.

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Journalistic Malpractice at The New York Times - Brownstone Institute

Journalistic Malpractice at The New York Times


Justice Jackson, the Biden Administration, Katie Starbird, and their allies in the media may believe they have a divine mission to censor alleged misinformation, that the Devil’s reincarnation has taken multiple forms in the bodies of RFK Jr., Alex Berenson, Jay Bhattacharya, and others; under our Constitution, however, the self-professed nobility of their missions does not excuse violations of the First Amendment. Let us hope the Court realizes the graveness of the threat.

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measles mongering - Brownstone Institute

Mainstream Measles Mongers


The current state of Modern Measles Mongering is a leitmotif of post-pandemic public health, where the state and mainstream media measles-mongering is actively telling the population to fear a disease that has an extremely remote chance of you getting it and an even more remote chance of you dying from it. It predictably recommends everyone do whatever they can to protect their family (ie: get more measles shots) which may or may not protect you. And if you get the shot, please know that any safety research on the measles vaccine is mostly inadequate. 

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Anatomy of the Tech-Industrial Complex - Brownstone Institute

Anatomy of the Tech-Industrial Complex


As the TikTok debate highlights, it’s evident in the Information Age that no one is more capable at framing and shaping events and ideas from a particular point of view or set of values than the large tech companies. These entities possess a worldwide audience of billions of people every minute of every day. 

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The Virality Project's Censorship Agenda - Brownstone Institute

The Virality Project’s Censorship Agenda


Initiated by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and led by the Stanford Internet Observatory (SIO), the Virality Project sought to censor those who questioned government Covid-19 policies. The Virality Project primarily focused on so-called “anti-vaccine” “misinformation”, however, my Twitter Files investigations with Matt Taibbi revealed this included “true stories of vaccine side effects.”

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Reflections on Brownstone's Retreat - Brownstone Institute

Reflections on Brownstone’s Retreat


People participating at the Brownstone Institute Retreat understand what is happening. It was a relief to be reminded that a wide range of committed and highly intelligent people understand the critical importance of challenging and interdicting what is being attempted. This resistance to power was a theme that ran through many of the presentations and discussions we experienced at the Retreat. I feel privileged to have been a part.

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February 27, 2020: The Lockdown Plan Goes Public - Brownstone Institute

February 27, 2020: The Lockdown Plan Goes Public


As the “novel coronavirus” spread throughout the world in the early months of 2020, two diametrically opposed responses to such a virus were in play: The public health response, which was initially followed everywhere except China, involved telling the public not to panic, wash hands, and stay home when sick. This was standard protocol for a novel flu-like virus. Behind the scenes, the biodefense-industrial-complex was gearing up for a bioterrorism response: quarantine-until-vaccine.

February 27, 2020: The Lockdown Plan Goes Public Read More »

Technology: Weapon of the People - Brownstone Institute

Technology: Weapon of the People


In sum, while the poisonous aspect of the media pharmakon has not nearly exhausted its toxic potency, the curative side has incrementally been gaining strength and therapeutic effectiveness, as reflected in the anxiety of the ‘Davos elites,’ detectable in their worry, that they no longer ‘own the news.’ They thought they had it all under control, but were caught unawares by the unexpected power of the alternative media – those ever-expanding digital spaces of the machine inhabited by the resistance. 

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We Are Being Systematically Blinded - Brownstone Institute

We Are Being Systemically Blinded


It will be jarring for many to hear a scientist speak with such certainty. It should be jarring. We are trained to present ideas with caution, as hypotheses in need of a test. But in this case I have tested the idea and I am as certain of this as I am of anything. We are being systematically blinded. It is the only explanation I have encountered that not only describes the present, but also, in my experience, predicts the future with all but perfect accuracy.

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Brownstone Institute - 'Experts' Continue to Spread Misinformation

‘Experts’ Continue to Spread Misinformation


Their proposed changes center around very basic guidance on isolation due to a Covid infection. You’d think that a very mild alteration to a policy so small would be widely celebrated, considering most members of the general public have long since abandoned isolation guidelines anyway. But that assumption rests on a misguided understanding of how committed Covid extremists are to pushing endless panic. And some of those extremists happen to work at The New York Times.

‘Experts’ Continue to Spread Misinformation Read More »

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