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Public Health

Public Health Articles at Brownstone feature opinion and analysis of global public health policy including impacts on economics, public dialog, and social life. Public Health articles are translated into multiple languages.

studies vaccine mandates

Extensive Efficacy Studies that Rebuke Vaccine Mandates


What these studies show, are that vaccines are important to reduce severe disease and death, but unable to prevent the disease from spreading and eventually infect most of us. That is, while the vaccines provide individual benefits to the vaccinee, and especially to older high-risk people, the public benefit of universal vaccination is in grave doubt. As such, Covid vaccines should not be expected to contribute to eliminating the communal spread of the virus or the reaching of herd immunity. This unravels the rationale for vaccine mandates and passports. 

The Treason of the Healers


During the middle years of the 20th century, the social privilege, deference and power previously granted to clerics, and then to writers, was bequeathed to the science-based healers. While they have done much to improve our lives with the money and authority we have given them, they have—even though they seem largely unaware of it—now fallen into a grave state of moral decadence.

Why the CDC Ignores Natural Immunity


There are many political reasons the CDC continues to ignore the scientific evidence on this issue. Here is a sampling of the reasons, which are neither compelling nor grounded in scientific findings.

Your Booster Life: How Big Pharma Adopted the Subscription Model of Profitability


What if, by depriving us of normal life, those who stand to gain from vaccines can forever cement themselves at the center of society by providing an artificial replacement for what our immune systems used to do to protect us against common respiratory viruses back when we were still allowed to live normal lives? 

The Politicization of Immunology


Both immunity to vaccination and infection protect against severe disease, but the scope of immunity that develops after infection is broader, generally more durable, and more specific to lung reinfection. Stronger immunity derived from infection comes with increased risk of severe disease and a higher incidence of long-term effects, especially in older people and those with comorbidities.

The Attack on Scientific Dissent Becomes Ever More Brutal


In this ‘Age of Lysenkoism,’ the approach is to use the hysterical media to go on the attack, to smear, and blame the skeptics who question failed policies and mandates, for the very failure of the policies and mandates that were implemented. It has gotten to a point now where the media has garnered near zero credibility and the public believes near zero in terms of what the media prints.  

The Rationing Is Already Here


The failure to admit the enormous and shocking policy failures of the last two years is costing us dearly. The refusal to reverse course and re-embrace fundamentals of freedom and human rights is setting the stage for outcomes even more grim than what we have heretofore experienced. 

The Decay of Science in the Age of Lockdowns


Because of political strategies using slander and ad hominem attacks, many physicians and scientists have been reluctant to speak out despite their reservations about pandemic policies. The error-strewn attacks in British Medical Journal demonstrate what awaits academics who do challenge prevailing views. 

Colin Powell’s Breakthrough Infection Was Hardly Unusual


The tragic end to Colin Powell, age 84 who had two major underlying medical problems, also pertains to the 65 and older population. They are especially vulnerable to having immune systems unable to block a breakthrough infection when the vaccine immunity seriously degrades. Powell surely had his initial vaccinations many months earlier.

The Frightened Class


For most of recorded time prosperity and education have been the gateway to a life of relative freedom from worry. But now, the people who most enjoy these benefits are, it seems, wracked with anxiety and, in the not infrequent way of many people suffering that plague, and hellbent on sharing their misery with others.

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