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schools of thought

Let a Hundred Schools of Thought Contend 


The establishment consensus on COVID-19 is built on sand and should be challenged. It arose from premature closure of the scientific debate, followed by suppression of contrarian evidence-based analysis. Dissidents include scientists, who are clearly not anti-science but are opposed to flawed science based on ‘low cognitive ability’ and confirmation bias in favour of establishment ideas. They are pushing for better science.

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mask study

On the Mask Study: An Interview with the Author


There’s no evidence that they do work. It’s possible they could work in some settings….we’d know if we’d done trials. All you needed was for Tedros [from WHO] to declare it’s a pandemic and they could have randomised half of the United Kingdom, or half of Italy, to masks and the other half to no masks. But they didn’t. Instead, they ran around like headless chickens.

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Anatomy of the Administrative State: The HHS 


Across two administrations led by presidents who have championed very different worldviews, HHS COVID policies have continued with little or no change; one administration seemingly flowing directly into the next with hardly a hiccough. If anything, under Biden the HHS arm of the US administrative state became more authoritarian, more unaccountable, and more decoupled from any need to consider the general social and economic consequences of their actions. As this has progressed, the HHS bureaucracy has become increasingly obsequious and deferential to the economic interests of the medical-pharmaceutical industrial complex. 

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Panel Discussions from Brownstone's Third Annual Conference: Rebuild Freedom

Panel Discussions from Brownstone’s Third Annual Conference: Rebuild Freedom


At Brownstone’s third annual conference and gala, aptly called ‘Rebuild Freedom’, hundreds of scholars, writers, researchers, fellows, and supporters came together in Dallas for a weekend of meals, panel discussions, and solidarity over the civilization-wide trauma we all endured ever since March, 2020.

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war on science

The Latest in the War on Science


We do not know what spooked the Editor in Chief, but given the speed and highly unprofessional nature of the reaction, could it be one of their big funders?  How the decision was made to undermine the review so quickly and so well – was it a prepared strategy? Finally, the relationship between all this and the NYT opinion piece published on 10 October is unclear.  Nor have the Editors of Cochrane had the decency to explain what happened and what the haste was for. Therefore, why were folk working on the review since 2006 not consulted?

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Sickness Everywhere - Brownstone Institute

The Truth Business Leaders Need to Face


In many countries, business leaders are facing a decline in productivity with an increasing risk for bankruptcy. In many discussions, the real problem of a poor economy is kept hidden. The dramatic eroding of human capital by poor health, increased sickness, early deaths in all ages, and lost education among the youth will disrupt business performance for years to come. This downward spiral urgently needs a U-turn to save human capital and economic flourishing. This transformation should be guided by trusted business leaders with high integrity who understand that profit is a result of investments in human capital and starts with good health and affordable pure nutritious food.

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Fauci's very bad week

Anthony Fauci’s Very Bad Week


Despite Fauci’s wishes, the most extreme aspects of lockdowns gradually faded away in time, most anointed experts can pretend as if the vaccine ended the worst aspects of the pandemic (that’s why the mandates became necessary, if only to maximize uptake and confound the science), and Fauci keeps going on national television, despite his age and wealth, to dial back his responsibility for any aspect of it, including the lockdowns he is on record backing from February 26, 2020, onward. 

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It’s Open Season on Scientists


We warned our readers a couple of weeks back that opinion pieces were taking on the role of editors of scientific journals. We stated, “The arguments put forward are virtually all the same: loud, strident and based on the poorest quality evidence available.“ Unfortunately, this was the case with the Cochrane Review on Physical Interventions to interrupt the spread of respiratory viruses.

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