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3/16: The Day That Will Live in Infamy


We have met the enemy, and they are us

While perhaps the US is a Constitutional republic in form and theory, in terms of function it has devolved into something far less suited to human flourishing.

America has elevated, enabled, and become largely captured by a bureaucratic security apparatus whose raison d’être was purported to be fighting wartime threats.

But the war machine does not exist to produce victory.

The war machine exists to produce war.

And it has brought this warfare home.

And this is not a beneficial state of affairs.

For war is permission to think the unthinkable and an excuse to do that which is inexcusable.

And as this mission has become increasingly constant and expanded into manifold realms of peacetime and peaceful lives, this “security apparatus” has become something altogether different.

It has become a self-perpetuating power base and power structure all its own and this “hidden empire” has come to wield more and more durable influence than the elected officials that give it a patina of credibility and a mask behind which to hide.

The intelligence and even justice agencies wield near impossible power to stand against.

They are the eyes and ears of the state and they leak and manipulate the public to their own ends such that politicians who go against them risk not only the loss of the “intel” to see the world and make choices, but the political annihilation that comes from having “not responded to a claimed threat” in the event anything bad happens.

Upping the ante yet further, the enmity of this “deep state” increasingly seems overtly dangerous and they seem to care less and less about who sees it. They will plot against you, trump up charges and innuendo to discredit you, and allow others to skate scott-free on actions of egregious trespass.

The confluence of intelligence and law enforcement is formidable.

How may one resist such a force that can mire you in blindness, subject you to unjust attack and prosecution, and that will cover up and enable the misdeeds of those with whom it chooses to ally? (Mostly because they do as they are told/go where they are led…)

These praetorians of permanent government have become kingmakers and perhaps kings themselves.

It is extremely telling that the impetus for the sudden volte-face of Fauci and the rest of team Trump to say “time to lock down” came not from the health bureaucracy but from the Office of the National Security Advisor, who placed Debbie Birx in the WH to run the show.

Because you never let a crisis go to waste. 

From 9/11 to 3/16 (the date of 15 days to slow the spread) these attacks and threats are used to suspend and supersede rights and choice. And these powers are never given back. This understate grows in power, reach, and scope.

It’s an inherent emergent property of the fear response. You get people while they are scared and you push them off their spot. Then you never let them back and build new systems and structures to fill and dominate the space where their freedoms were.

The bias in crisis is always more action, more intrusion. It represents a one-sided bet for politicians because if they fail to snap into line, any new attack or bad outcome can be pinned on them.

There is simply no future in saying “Hey, let’s not get too worked up here and relax. This is not a big deal.”

When you win, everyone forgets, but if you lose, you’re done for.

The dominant strategy is always to “do big visible things.”

This is why these outcomes are so predictable.

It’s the default societal method of action and all the crisis and contingency planning, often made by people with little or no actual experience with the issues at hand, sits like unexploded ordinance waiting to go off.

It’s how the bureaucracy grows and gains prominence over the visible government.

It does not matter who you elect or what they promise or what issues they flood your sensorium with: until you address this base issue, it’s greased rails to invisible dictatorship by regulatory and security fiat.

You cannot trade rights for safety.

The whole idea is false. 

The very fact that this dependence on top-down diktat is the force-fed firehose of every public school and university and federal program represents perhaps the greatest false flag operation in human history.

It is not Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

It is Dictatorship Enabling Indoctrination.

This was quite literally the purpose the luminaries who conceived the practice had in mind, right from the start. (Full discussion HERE.) 

The foundational mission statement of public schooling in the US was not to help children grow, but to mold children into that which was useful and obedient to the state.

They did not have you pledge allegiance to truth or logic or liberty, did they?

It is not a coincidence that this mode of memetic contagion has locked on to “structural matters that can only be set right by state intervention” and inflicting guilt and fueling resentment and always driving a sense of fear and dependence.

And if you think school is the only vector by which this is being pursued, I have a rainforest in Saskatchewan to sell you.

From health to lending to light bulbs to cars, the private/public propaganda and panic partnership to frighten and misinform has become one of the primary drivers of functional governance.

You can see it as folks like the cardigan-clad James Bond villain aspirant fund and launch “AI chatbots” to flood the box with pro-covid vaccine “facts” and bury social media under fake claims and comments.

This is only going to get worse as AI gets better.

One might go so far as to argue that informational slanting has become the primary purpose of much of the permanent government bureaucracy and security state. The discovery emerging from the Missouri v. Biden lawsuit is surreal.

It’s even worse than you thought…

The CISA (Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency) has been outright defining the thoughts of Americans as “cognitive infrastructure” that they must “protect.”

They seek not only to dominate information flow and censor, but to actually “pre-bunk” claims, which is to say, get out in front of news and try to head it off and discredit it before it comes out.

Honest question:

If we’re not going to call this “a psyop of security services against we the people,” I’m curious, just how is one to describe this? 

This was likely the source of the endless stories we saw about “suddenly” and “it was always normal” for teens to die of heart attacks and blood clots and who knows what else. It got so you could tell what news was about to break by what the media was suddenly all leaping as one to normalize. 

This behavior is rife in health, in race and gender ideologies, in climate, in economics. Entirely hallucinatory landscapes are being erected to ensure compliance because the bureaucracy of the permanent state will always become its own chief constituent and when the intelligence agencies that are supposed to be the eyes and ears of government become self-serving and corrupt, there is no way out of this hall of mirrors.

Every single one of these “paths to freedom” runs through “giving more power to the state to proscribe your choices, demand your compliance, and take that which is yours and give it to others by threat (or fact) of force.”

Every “license to operate or practice,” every “eco law,” every lending or hiring or associative standard, every program of redistribution, redress, and requirement: it’s all the muscle and marrow of dominion over us and ours and it is more and more made by people who were never elected to anything and view rights as inconvenient, not the reason to have a state in the first place.

It takes everything and fixes nothing.

Because that is its purpose.

It is not intended as a solution; it’s intended as the perpetual instigation of social strife between us that will keep us inflamed against one another and clamorous of ever more intrusion to ameliorate the very wounds it has opened and aggravated.

It’s not a path forward; it’s poison peddled as panacea.

This totalitarian tutelage has reached a point of grave societal danger and as in other such times in American history, we must seek to swing this pendulum back.

And the first step is realizing that the purpose of public schooling and public messaging was never to illuminate but to captivate.

And this requires monopoly and we must break that.

These actors fear the rise of the reputation economy because they know it will exclude them. They want to play with thumbs on scales, not time-tested track records.

And it falls to us to ensure that this is to be a losing game for them.

It falls to us to walk away and build our own. 

Information is not too important to be left to free markets and free people.

It is too important not to be and too powerful a potential for mischief to be left in the hands of the untrustworthy, especially government and government proxies.

One of the great political issues of our time will be the dismantling of these agencies. Until we do, the rest is just set-dressing on the road to serfdom. They have become antithetical to a free people and a free republic.

At a certain point, one must realize that “the call is coming from inside the house” and that the threat is not the shadow-play of frightening monsters but the hands that shape it.

And they are going to tell us absolutely anything to avoid such a realization from emerging, but the tales are already threadbare and tone-deaf and obvious.

And we have and will learn to step around them and we will learn whom to trust.

And we will. The reputation economy is coming whether they like it or not.

So as in all things, when provided with information: always consider the source.

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