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Changing One Mind at a Time


In an idle moment, I was looking through my emails, and came across this little exchange. In August 2022, the vax push was in full swing, despite the evidence of serious concerns. Here’s a trail starting and ending with an email from a medical provider I had visited once or twice in central Melbourne.

24 August 2022

Dear Valued Patient,

[redacted] is participating in a project auspice by the [redacted] Healthcare Network to ensure that all members of our community who are at higher risk from Covid-19 infection are contacted and made aware of booster Covid -19 vaccinations, Influenza vaccinations and anti-viral Covid-19 treatments.

As part of this project, one of our staff members may contact you by phone (our phone number [redacted] will appear on your display) to confirm your vaccination history and facilitate booster vaccinations if appropriate. Participation in this phone call is voluntary, please let us know if you do not wish to participate.

We thank you for your anticipated involvement in this valuable community project.

Kind regards,

[redacted] M.B,B.S


Please do not reply, this email box is not monitored.

In an event of a Medical Emergency, call 000

If you would like to contact our team, please email your request to [redacted] we will endeavour to respond to your email within 2 business days, book online via our website [redacted] or call our reception team on [redacted].

As part of our COVID19 safe plan and comfort of our staff and other patients, we request that a facemask be worn at at all times whilst visiting our clinic.

If you are experiencing any COVID19 related symptoms, we request that you reschedule your appointment or change it to a telehealth appointment (Medicare rebate is not claimable to new patients or those that have not been seen at the clinic within the last 12 months, this is a Medicare ruling).

When I calmed down, I replied as follows:

Dear [redacted]

Thank you for your email, especially for the form of the salutation, which sets out in admirable clarity and succinctness the terms in which you see our relationship.‘Valued Patient’ conveys not only that you regard me as an entry on a database rather than a person, and also that as such, I am an asset from which you may be able to obtain value, monetary or otherwise. The density of meaning in the opening two words of your email encouraged me to study the rest of the missive with an almost religious zealotry.

Indeed, when I look up ‘auspice’ in my dictionary, seeking to parse what you mean by a ‘project auspice’ I read that auspice (in the singular as you have it) is defined as a ‘propitious circumstance’ or a ‘divination or prognostication’. So I gather that the project you are participating in is in some way advantageous for you and your clinic. I imagine that it could be that you already have received a payment for providing access to your patient database to those who are running the project. Who can blame you, right? Only a fool would give away information for free these days. Likewise, I assume that whoever from your staff will be tasked with making the calls to all your ‘valued patients’ will do so at the expense of some other worthy task they may otherwise have been performing. It is entirely reasonable that you would receive adequate compensation for this diversion of resources from your busy practice.

I must confess that I think I might be a bit behind in my take up of the provisionally authorised gene-based therapies…what are most people up to these days? 4? 5? Time flies when one is applying the precautionary principle of which we heard so much during our curfewed house arrest in recent times.

This precautionary principle has much to recommend it (although I have a bias toward ‘do-nothing’ where others seem to prefer ‘try anything’). Only the other day I came across the attached report which I would be delighted to get your take on. Some of the sections of interest include:

  1. Failure to Demonstrate a Favourable Risk/Benefit Case for Vaccinating Children with COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’
  2. Serious Adverse Effects of the COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’
  3. Potential Toxicity of the Spike Protein Produced by Gene-Based ‘Vaccines’
  4. Long-Term Potential Genetic Damage and Cancer Potential of COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’
  5. mRNA Does Not Remain at the Injection Site and Is Not Rapidly Destroyed
  6. COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’ Do Not Prevent Infection or Transmission
  7. Diminished ‘Vaccine’ Efficacy and Potential Negative ‘Vaccine’ Efficacy
  8. The COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’ Do Not Provide a Similar and Acceptable Risk/Benefit Across All Age Groups irrespective of individual Clinical Status including Natural Immunity 

You can find the report and other material by following this link to the Australian Medical Professional Society’s website.

I don’t want to participate in the project, so don’t bother calling me. Of course, you may find that you are able to provide me with a written response to the Altman report (adequately footnoted and referenced, as the Altman report is) which explains why you think it is appropriate to send unsolicited emails touting the ‘vaccines’. I’ll be happy to read it if you send it.

In any case, I reserve my right to ignore any and all advice.

I fear I’ve taken up too much of your time already. It occurs to me (too late, alas) that I could have expressed all of the above by using a simple, versatile and popular two-word epithet…viz: ‘God Bless’.


Your valued patient.

(I realised later that there is another popular two-word epithet that could have sufficed.)

I did get a reply; predictably, it completely ignored the references to the Altman report, and didn’t suggest that a full discussion of risks and benefits would be part of any eventual consultation, and didn’t refute the idea that the practice might have received some consideration, monetary or otherwise, for being part of this ‘project’:

26 August 2022

Good afternoon Richard,

Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to our email.

With respect to your request, I can confirm that your details have been removed from our contact list and that you will not be contacted any further regarding this community project.

Wishing you good health.

Warmest Regards,


Practice Manager/Registered Nurse Div1/Nurse Immuniser

My working days in the clinic are M-W 8.30am – 3pm

2022 Influenza vaccines now available, book in with our Nurse at [redacted]

I suppose that the whole affair, while sending me into a blustering fit, had absolutely no impact on the staff at the clinic. 

But maybe it did change one person’s mind. I hope so.

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