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How Long Is the Road to Recovery?


It should be evident to all now that Covid vaccines do not reduce transmission, that children have a truly minuscule risk from the disease and that their risk from serious adverse effects from vaccination is far to high to justify the inoculations. 

Some countries, for example Denmark, have even banned the Covid vaccines for children under 18. 

Today I saw a new poll from the US on attitudes towards vaccination and how worried people are about Covid-19. According to the poll an astounding 22 percent of parents are very worried their child will become seriously ill with Covid-19, and another 25 percent are somewhat worried, 47 percent in all. And 42 percent of parents of 12-17 year-old children either have or plan to inject them with the so-called “bivalent booster” (yes, the one tested on eight mice).

In other words, more than a fifth of American adults believe a disease with an infection fatality rate that is probably around one in half a million for children and a truly minuscule hospitalisation rate, is very likely to severely harm their child.

In a radio interview recently I was asked why I thought the reaction to the coronavirus had been so extreme. I said my best guess was mass panic as per Mattias Desmet’s hypothesis. Understandably, the reporter then asked how likely it really was that more or less the whole world would succumb to such extreme mass-formation; to her it didn’t sound credible. And it isn’t. I must admit this is a question I keep asking myself also, again and again.

However, in the end my conclusion is always the same: I still don’t have a better explanation, and a poll result such as the one I’m quoting here supports it; there is something seriously wrong when a fifth of the American population believes something as outrageously erroneous as this. As strange as this may seem, what else could explain such utter disconnect from reality?

Mass panic doesn’t happen by itself, however. What triggers it is the massive amount of propaganda, of fear-mongering, of misinformation pumped out by governments, by the media, by the tech giants over the past three years. The propaganda works, there is no doubt about that. Let alone when dissenting voices are silenced also and the official narrative is all people have access to through the mainstream sources. 

What grows from propaganda and censorship are wrong beliefs, even mass panic as we have clearly seen from countless examples. Propaganda and censorship are the seeds. But we must not overlook another crucial component. This is the soil itself. And the soil that allows mass-formation to grow from propaganda and censorship is of our own making; it is our own lack of critical thinking. We do not doubt. We do not question. We do not employ and trust our own judgment. We do not make the effort to verify what we’re told, to seek out information by ourselves, for the information is there if we really look for it. This is the reason we have ended up where we are. 

We may eventually get out of the Covid panic. But as long as the soil is fertile; as long as we do not question, do not doubt, but blindly believe and obey, the sword of mass panic, and all the damage done by it, still hangs over our heads. We have to rid ourselves of this threat. What is at stake is freedom and democracy.

The road to recovery will be long, and it will be strewn with difficulties. But we have no choice but to start the journey, and our guiding lights must be courage and integrity, and doubt; always doubt. We owe it to ourselves and we owe it to our children.

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