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How Long Will the Lies Persist?


A while ago, someone I know well told me of an interesting experience he had as a young man. This was in the 1970s and he had gone to live in Germany for a few months, working in a shop owned by an old lady. The owner had been in her prime during the years of WW2. On his last day before heading back to Iceland, the old lady took him out to dinner. As they sat down in the restaurant, she looked around, and then said to him: 

“I can see a few of them here. But I guess it’s OK.

“A few of whom?” he asked.

“A few Jews. One can spot them, you know.”

This was around 30 years after the war. Around 30 years after the Nazi years when German society was permeated with the idea that Jewish people were a danger, danger to the health of society, danger to public health. And still, this old lady hadn’t let go of the lies. Still, after 30 years, after the disgrace and hardships brought upon her country, as a direct consequence of their willingness to succumb to and participate in spreading the Nazis’ lies. It was OK, she guessed, that they were allowed into restaurants now, but still, there was this lingering feeling, the lie lurked there, in the back of her mind. She would never be cured.

“Anyway, the lies are not going to stop,” Bill Rice Jr. writes in a brilliant piece yesterday, pointing out the long list of lies told by health authorities around the world on the safety and efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccines. First we were told they would stop the spread, that there would be two shots, that they wouldn’t be mandatory. Then that more shots would be needed, that those unvaccinated were responsible for the continued spread, even as it turned out how the vaccines in fact increased the spread. We could go on and on.

Bill’s post was written in response to a new statement from the ICMRA (International Coalition of Medicines Regulatory Authorities), claiming how those medications have saved millions of lives, have no severe side-effects to speak of and how all evidence to the contrary is “misinformation.” The statement is of course now being disseminated all over the mainstream media.

I do not have the privilege anymore of being able to spend my time on dissecting such falsehoods in the way they must be dissected, as I’ve done a number of times with similar falsehoods, whether official statements, “fact-checks” or similar. I only hope some of those with the resources and time needed will do this. I’ll just point out a single serious error here, which casts serious doubt on the claim the vaccines saved millions of lives: This claim is based on a study, published in September 2022. A key premise in this study is the assumed effectiveness against viral transmission.

One has to download the Appendix to find those assumptions. Not surprisingly, the authors assume two doses of mRNA provide 86-88 percent protection against infection (Appendix: Table1). This of course flies in the face of the actual data, which in 2021 showed clearly how protection against infection was at best between 30-50 percent, and that’s before the arrival of Omicron, when it started to go negative.

This is just one example of how the ICMRA statement is wilfully based on blatant lies. I have little doubt that should someone go through this point-by-point, most of the other claims would be exposed as well, as lies.

Bill Rice concludes “that – especially regarding topics that might involve  “life and death” – people, for some surreal reason, simply want to keep believing the liars.”

How many of those who want to believe the liars will look around in a restaurant in 30 years time, commenting on how “There are a few of them here, the unvaccinated, but it’s OK I guess?”

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