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Is It All Unraveling?


The past few days have been a whirlwind. 

We’ve seen a torrential flood of information coming from Fauci’s old office (with 155 pages of jaw-dropping emails) and the firing up of a global movement to stop the World Health Organization, which meets and votes next week. 

Imagine this. The top heads of the public health agency of the world’s most powerful military empire were joking about financial kickbacks and prostitutes while plotting to hide emails, even as they were telling the rest of the world to cancel Christmas due to a virus likely created in a lab that they funded. 

You simply cannot make this stuff up. And this is likely just the tip of the iceberg. 

Great injustice has been done to millions and billions of people. People were fired from positions for objecting, canceled for refusing the vaccine, injured from the lockdowns and shots, and had their businesses and arts associations ruined.

A generation of students has been traumatized. The standards of living of people around the world have been wrecked, with countless trillions transferred from the middle class to the rich. The stonewalling and censoring by the media, which has gone on for so very long, adds to public anger. 

The carnage is our reality. But what are the chances that something good could come from this experience after all? They seem to be rising. A massively corrupt system is being exposed. More is coming out daily – but not from the mainstream press. It is coming from alternative sources. 

For those of us who have been researching and writing about the public health disaster and everything associated with it for four years, these days have been enormously gratifying. Events now hold great promise for the future. 

Brownstone Institute was established to provide research and guidance in these times, having since fostered excellent reporting, fellowships, publishing, and events. We took on these topics and responsibilities when precious few were interested, so it is enormously thrilling to see our efforts coming to fruition. 

Thank you especially to our donors and supporters. We would also like to invite you to further support this work, which has only just begun. 

Following many terrible and destructive periods in history – World War I comes to mind – the perpetrators and the lessons faded away. Not much changed in the structure of government and industry to change the system. And the system became ever more exploitative and reckless as time marched on. As a force in changing history, the people became ever less enfranchised and impactful, and governments and their connected industrial allies became ever more powerful. 

What are the chances that it will be different this time? We can say now with some confidence that it could be so. But what will make the difference is exposure and a shift in the culture of the ideas that inform our public life. The pandemic response was global, and so too must be the educational efforts that inspire change. 

Brownstone Institute is known for its top-quality writings and daily articles and studies which have millions of readers. Sometimes we do wonder if people are fully aware that this is only a fraction of our work. Behind the scenes, Brownstone has developed a Fellows program that provides a professional bridge to brave scientists, journalists, researchers, and even attorneys who have dared to become dissidents at great risk. 

We have now published ten books that explore in depth the issues surrounding the rise of the total state in all its components. Indeed, this publishing program is becoming more ambitious, with a just-released first volume of four on the history of medicine by Dr. Harris Coulter, the 20th century’s leading expert on the topic. His own publisher buried the books, but Brownstone is bringing them back in anticipation that the end result of our epoch will include a full rethinking of the entire topic of health and medicine. 

In addition, Brownstone has now two monthly supper clubs with expert speakers. People travel from far distances to attend. And you probably know about our annual conference and gala that this year will take place in Pittsburgh, November 1-2. The ranks of our writers and those helping with our research, publishing, and efforts generally keep growing. 

Our three working groups are providing the essential research – used by legislators, journalists, attorneys, and activists the world over – on rising censorship, financial and monetary centralization, and global pandemic planning. 

For those of us who have been involved in intellectual and political life for decades, it is obvious that we face an unprecedented opportunity. The ruling class utterly broke the world starting in 2020, and they did so for nefarious reasons. There are many dark secrets that are coming to the fore, and some of the most powerful people and institutions in the world are dedicated to making sure they never come to light. 

For those concerned about the future of freedom, this is truly an opportunity without precedent in our lifetimes. Brownstone Institute has always been on the front lines. We very much need and appreciate your support. Let’s not let this opportunity go to waste. 

Please join us with your most generous contribution. But not only that: please continue to share this material with everyone through every channel. It’s the only chance we have to break through censorship and the media cartel. 

There are myriad opportunities to give today, many worthy. But Brownstone has a proven model of precision, timing, principle, and relentless courage. As a young institute with a crucial mission, we need your support, with every dime going to support this great calling. We must turn this loss of public trust in virtually everything into a massive effort to rebuild freedom, community, science, law, medicine, media, and our lives. It can happen but not without all our efforts. 

Please join us! 

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