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It’s Long Past Time to Dump the Masks


The face mask debate is unfortunately again rearing its ugly head in many parts of the country, and it’s becoming ever more clear that it will never entirely go away. Even as OMICRON confers some form of natural immunity to large segments of the population before it begins its fade into the sunset, the next sniffle-causing variant will inevitably come along and again compel paranoid hypochondriac leftists to cover their faces and hysterically demand you do so as well. Sadly, manufactured fear over Covid has truly broken so many people who will never, ever be the same.

Our side, the side of truth, data, and reality, can point to pre-Covid studies that showed masks to be non-effective against virus spread ‘till the cows come home. Theirs can point to non-randomized controlled ‘studies’ (you know, because having a control group in a ‘pandemic’ would be ‘unethical’) that use mannequins, models, or super-cherry-picked snippets of data from areas and time periods that they think bolster their narrative. But it seems that neither can land the deciding blow, both because of the lack of correctly administered randomized controlled studies in the Covid era and also because of the purportedly ‘common sense’ perception that that piece of cloth over everyone’s face is a ‘zero-cost’ intervention (it isn’t) that is totally worth it even if it helps a little (it doesn’t).

Sadly, the difficult-to-counter ‘iT WoULd hAvE BeEn WoooOrSe’ response has become the reliable Branch Covidian go-to when attempting to defend their useless interventions. But would it have been, really?

Enter Ian Miller, an entertainment industry content manager who, like many of us, quickly began questioning the establishment Covid narrative when it didn’t seem to line up with the actual facts on the ground. But instead of surrendering to defeat, Miller promptly put his day job experience dabbling in data analysis to work creating and distributing eye-popping charts that soon made him a Team Reality celebrity and a Branch Covidien foil. 

You’ve probably seen them on Twitter being shared by prominent conservative politicians, media figures, and Team Reality proponents, or in posts on large news sites like Fox News, City Journal, and TheBlaze. Indeed, Ian’s charts – which list each specific coronavirus restriction implemented in a specific geographical area on a dateline which also devastatingly includes the rate of virus spread during that time period – have become THE go-to way to show the absurdity and unworkability of our overlords’ failed Covid policies. If a picture is worth a thousand words, these charts – each one of them – are worth at least a million.  

Of course, as we unfortunately know, censorship of ideas they don’t like is alive and well. All Twitter has to do to erase evidence like this from the annals of Twitter history is to delete Ian Miller’s account, an action that could happen to any of us at any time. Such is the risk of daring to go against the established Faucian Covid narrative.

Thankfully, Ian has minimized the damage of that possibility by giving all of us an amazing gift in his new 217-page book, titled, “Unmasked: The Global Failure of Covid Mask Mandates.” In it, the author combines his famous charts with unflappable analysis that devastatingly rips the veil off the misleading pseudo-science surrounding masking we’ve been force fed for two years to reveal the forbidden truth – that masking and mask mandates have done absolutely nothing to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 worldwide.

“I’ve looked at data from all over the world, from the granular county level to entire countries, and have yet to find examples showing clear and sustained benefits to mask mandates,” Miller writes. “There has simply been no discernable pattern or correlation with mask mandates and better outcomes.”

From analyzing pre-Covid mask studies showing unequivocally that mask usage does not stop contagious respiratory viruses from spreading, to ripping apart “the experts’ new science” (including mask-use ‘studies’ from Arizona and Kansas with “significant flaws”), to highlighting real world data from places like Florida, California, Sweden, and countless others – with the charts to back it up – Miller devastatingly indicts, tries, and convicts the mask cult of misleading a gullible, frightened public into not just using a useless non-pharmaceutical intervention, but forcing it on others, including defenseless children, for years.

Think about it. If face masks ‘worked’ to stop or even slightly curb the spread of Covid-19, they should be able to point to place after place showing when the intervention was employed and how case numbers were affected. In other words, they should be able to do what Ian Miller has done in reverse. They can’t, obviously, because masks, and especially mask mandates, don’t work. At all. Not even a little bit.

Those of you who have followed my columns over the past two years know my position well. There are few things more diabolically evil than forcibly covering the face of another human being, especially a child. If there is any justice in the world, years from now society will look back with utter horror on what we did with lockdowns, masks, vaccine coercion, and all the rest, including and especially instilling the kind of fear and paranoia that never matched the actual death rate from this virus. When it does, Ian Miller’s book – and his charts – will be seen as key deciding blows that helped obliterate the mask cult for good.

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