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Nightmares of the Elite

Nightmares of the Elite


Almost every night, I have the exact same dream, which might be described as a mild nightmare. In my dreams, I realize the world needs to be warned about the 100-percent capture rate of society’s “truth-seeking” organizations. The dreams always cause me to wake up anxious. “I need to do what I can to warn people of this,” I think to myself. 

The dream qualifies as a nightmare because I realize nothing I can do (or write) will make a difference. Everyone knows these organizations are captured; people either don’t care about this or, like me, realize nothing can be done to change anything in a meaningful way.

Depending on how we count them, America has 4,200 to 6,000 colleges, which are charged with educating the “best and brightest” students in society and supposedly contain society’s greatest thinkers in their faculty.

From my research, I learned approximately 1.5 million Americans serve on the faculty at these colleges.

In my opinion, the most significant event of our lifetimes was Covid or, more precisely, society’s collective response to Covid.

One question that interests me is how many of America’s approximately 4,200 colleges and 1.5 million faculty members criticized the lockdowns, the myriad non-pharmaceutical interventions and then the nonstop effort to vaccinate the entire world population?

Among America’s 4,200 or so colleges, the only college that pushed back against these measures or the “authorized narratives” regarding Covid was Hillsdale College in southern Michigan (which has only 2,600 students).

One could thus say that only one of America’s 4,200 colleges contained leaders who questioned many elements of the Covid response.

To be clear, anyone who peruses the alternative media can identify a handful of faculty members who have been outspoken in expressing numerous critiques of the Covid response. 

I could probably name 10 to 20 American professors who went against their peers and consistently shared criticisms in interviews, speeches, and articles or scientific papers.

But even 20 “contrarian” faculty members with a decent-sized following is a microscopic fraction compared to 1.5 million faculty members who could have done the same thing…but didn’t.

In fact, from simple math, one could say that only 1-in-75,000 faculty members (1.5 million faculty members/20) possessed the courage to dissent from the authorized viewpoints on Covid.

Indeed, it seems statistically impossible that among such a huge pool of colleges (4,200) America has just one college that was bold enough to question conventional wisdom.

In other words, 99.999 percent of colleges and 99.99999 percent of faculty members either accepted bogus conventional wisdom or were too afraid to publicly challenge myriad false or dubious Covid claims.

Not the Greatest Return on Investment…

For what it’s worth, these colleges receive trillions of dollars in tuition money and state and federal taxpayer-provided funding…which means our government is funding atrocious non-science and legions of incompetent faculty members.

This means every college (except one) that was created to “seek knowledge or the truth” – and then educate students and provide expertise to the public – failed miserably at their most-important job.

Not only did America’s cohort of faculty members fail, at least 4,200 college presidents (as well as their boards of trustees) also failed spectacularly. 

These so-called leaders were actually all followers and they followed – accepted as infallible truths – the wrong bureaucratic guidance, and relied on questionable or incorrect data, which caused them to embrace mandates that caused irreparable and incalculable harm to society.

Excluding Hillsdale College, not one college president nor one dean of any prominent school within these colleges possessed the intellectual courage to question decisions that affected every person on the planet.

From Harvard to your local community college, one can confidently assert that the group-think among the leaders of at least 4,200 American colleges was 100 percent (and 100-percent wrong).

Also, four years into Covid, I’m not aware of one college president or prominent dean who’s admitted they were wrong about so many important points and announced faculty reviews that might make such mistakes less likely to occur in the future.

The colleges that let the entire country down are still being funded. Nobody was fired or reprimanded for being either wrong or too cowardly to speak up. In fact, many faculty members and administrators who were wrong have now been promoted to positions of greater influence.

Just as inexplicably, among the vast majority of students and their parents, going to colleges like these is still considered essential to “the education” of America’s high school graduates.

Stupid is as Stupid Does…

One of my colleagues at Brownstone Institute recently published an essay where he actually employed the labels “stupid” and “ignorant” to describe the behaviors of these college professors and administrators over the last four years.

(A year ago, I wrote a similar piece with the headline “Our world is being led by the obtuse.”)

Anyway, the above observations probably explain my recurring nightmare. 

I’m certainly not terrified of an over-hyped respiratory virus that posed no mortality risk to any healthy college student. But I am terrified when I realize the alleged “best and brightest” in society are almost all – take your pick – certifiably stupid, ignorant, or obtuse. 

The even scarier group is the “leaders” who knew (and still know) they were wrong, but still pushed unprecedented, harmful, and draconian policies. This subset of societal “leaders” has to be considered either evil or somewhere on the sociopath/psychopath spectrum.

My nightmare emanates from the realization these people are not going to be exposed and purged, which means they’ll still be in positions to cause perhaps even greater misery in the future. 

The nightmare is that some of us see what’s already happened, and what’s coming in the future…but we’re apparently helpless to stop it.

It’s also disturbing to realize that the 20 million people who are students at these colleges are not rising up, organizing, and pushing back in any meaningful way against “teachers” who are teaching them all the wrong educational and life lessons.

Two Truisms That Don’t Seem True Anymore…

When all college presidents, all key faculty members, and close to 100 percent of students dutifully obey the “current thing,” one is left questioning two great truisms of American history – namely that America is the land of the free and the home of the brave.

The thought that wakes me up at night is that, for large numbers of Americans, real freedom no longer matters, and/or most Americans lack the courage to protest when freedoms are being brazenly stolen from them.

One wonders what happened to our country’s real leaders, citizens who aren’t afraid to point out that alleged truths are actually lies or at least should not be “settled science.” 

Some of us now know these leaders are not in the halls of academia or among the student populations. The key debates that should occur at colleges…have not and will not occur at these places.

It’s not Just Colleges That Have Zero Intelligent and Brave Leaders…

And it’s not just college campuses. My state of Alabama has 138 public school districts that are charged with educating students from kindergarten through 12th grade.

That’s 138 school superintendents and school boards, none of which challenged any of the false guidance that came down on high from the CDC, WHO, and NIH…and from the governors and state superintendents of education.

Nationwide, I’m not aware of any prominent school superintendent, school board president, or state board of education that summoned the courage to question any of the unnecessary Covid mandates that harmed both students and their parents.

All of this leads me to conclude that the entire “education” establishment in America is 100-percent captured.

Based on the conspiracy of silence on Covid falsehoods, the education leaders who claim they’re making our children smarter are themselves provably ignorant or too meek to stand up for students.

It’s often said that local schools and colleges are the most important institutions in society. These institutions bring people from all walks of life together and “educate” the people we’re told will be society’s future leaders.

But in the last four years the leaders of these institutions – at all colleges and all school systems – proved they are unworthy of holding these important leadership positions.

Additionally, they’ve neither learned from their mistakes and clearly lack the character to admit they made terrible mistakes.

People we’ve been led to believe are “learned” are actually shockingly ignorant (or plain evil). But these people will still be leading these organizations tomorrow and 10 years from today. 

I didn’t know this knowledge would cause me to have recurring nightmares, but it has. My dream’s definitely telling me to write about this, which I’ve now done. Maybe I’ll now get a peaceful night’s sleep.

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