The FDA’s “Future Framework” for Covid Vaccines Is a Reckless Plan

Viruses that evolve rapidly are bad candidates for a vaccine. There is no vaccine for the common cold nor HIV because these viruses evolve too quickly for a vaccine to be effective. The SARS-CoV-2 virus is a bad candidate for a vaccine, as it has rapidly mutated, which is why all previous attempts to develop a vaccine against coronaviruses have failed.

We Must Never Forget

We have to move on. We have to rebuild our societies, reestablish our moral values and our rights, rebuild trust in science and trust within our communities. But to truly move on, we must face, understand and act on the roots of the catastrophe, and take full responsibility for the part each of us played. This is why we must not forget. We must never forget.

We Can All Be Evil and the Germans Were Nothing Special

For young Germans, the covid period has a bittersweet silver lining.  It has become clear, again, that the Nazis of the 1930s were entirely normal people, and that everyone else in the world can be a Nazi too. The Germans can release themselves from the belief that there is anything abnormally evil about being German. There is a potential Nazi in all of us. 

The Lockdown Advocacy of Devi Sridhar

We will wait in vain for any sort of extended literary mea culpas. Not even the pensive afterword comes close. After all, when the next great health crisis presents itself, the WHO pushes for lockdowns again, and the major media empires need some great excuse to order people back home to be glued to the screen, the expertise of these compelling pundits – now with real media experience – will need to be called upon again. 

How I Almost Did Not Graduate from Stanford University

Stanford should end its vaccine mandate entirely. It’s an unscientific and unethical imposition on students who do not need protection from COVID-19 with vaccines or otherwise. And that includes the Stanford students who are on campus, going to class, and those without prior infection and natural immunity. COVID-19 was never a major threat to us young people, and it still isn’t.

How the Media Fueled the Lockdowns

History needs to remember the lockdowns as the most harmful, ineffective public policy America and the world had ever seen. Study the data for yourself next time and reconcile any one opinion you hear with another that gives an opposing view.

At the Military Olympics, October 2019, Wuhan, China, Athletes Caught Covid

The case for deep investigations is obvious. That so many US military personnel became sick at a locked-down Wuhan event in October 2019 raises profound questions about the timeline, the source of the virus, and who knew what and when, and how a possible attempt to suppress the truth might have contributed to the spreading of a brutal policy the world over. 

Covid Exposed the Medical-Pharmaceutical-Government Complex 

The Med/Pharma/Gov establishment, including the NIH and CDC, hasn’t saved America during 2020-22. To the contrary, Covid interventions have worsened overall societal outcomes. These net harms should have inflicted—and, depending on longer-term vaxx effects, may yet inflict—a big black eye on the Medical Industrial Complex. 

When Generals Quibble

Integrity, trust, and honesty are character traits that are unwisely discarded to curry fleeting favor with the press and political establishment. The political general, who employs the language of the quibbler, obscures the truth and makes the boundary between politicians and military leaders indistinguishable. 

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