Life in Zero-Covid Antarctica

If an enterprise mostly created and funded by the NSF cannot utilize scientific reasoning and accept normalcy where there is no Covid, how can we trust our scientific institutions to seek to in the rest of the world, where Covid is here to stay?

In the Name of Stopping Covid…

Health is much much more than Covid, and is better measured at the individual rather than population level and by a primary care provider (PCP) instead of by an academic with zero understanding of how health is managed within the context of an intimate doctor-patient relationship. 

Students with Disabilities Need the Least Restrictive Environment

More than other members of society, children are at a critical phase in development, with their well-being largely dependent on the good judgement of the adults around them. As we wrap up the holiday season, full of reminders of the innocence and joy of childhood, it’s time to embrace our responsibility, as adults, to protect that innocence through reasonable pandemic policy. 


The Reality They Invent to Feed the Power They Crave

For a certain part of the population, perhaps bereft of rituals and practices designed to help them transcend the crude, cruel and ambiguity-generating rhythms of our now largely transactional culture, the surrendering the self to authority can take on an almost religious allure. 


Dear Stanford: I Will Not Spend Another Semester Locked Down

I am 31 years old, and I do not want to feel like I am being monitored and punished like a teenager for making my own decisions about how to live my life. I do not trust Stanford or county public health officials to protect my right to live my life as I see fit or respect me as an adult to make such choices.

The Zoom Class Gets Covid

What they attempted in 2020-21 was without precedent in the modern world. It did not finally work, even to achieve the aim of keeping the professional classes disease free. This is perhaps the moment when it all finally comes to an end, not with repudiation but with resignation, acquiescence, and surrender.

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