Some People Will Follow Authority – “The Science” – to Their Doom 

And, even after the most cataclysmic events predicted by “The Science” have not come to pass, there remains a core group of true believers who are convinced “The Science” had simply gotten the date or the variant wrong and that the End of Days are still to come unless we all remain vigilant by forever being ready to mask up and lock down when “The Science” says it’s time.

It’s Long Past Time to Dump the Masks

If there is any justice in the world, years from now society will look back with utter horror on what we did with lockdowns, masks, vaccine coercion, and all the rest, including and especially instilling the kind of fear and paranoia that never matched the actual death rate from this virus.

Canada Can Be Restored

We have endured two full years of their near total suppression. What I saw at the truck stop, however, proves that Canadians are not only resilient but also ready to come back to life and rebuild this country as soon as they are given the chance — or perhaps, once enough of them decide to take that chance.

Now is the Time for Mass Resignations from Within the Ruling Class

The obvious answer to the current instability is mass resignations within the administrative state and among the class of politicians that gives it cover. In the name of peace, human rights, and the renewal of prosperity and trust, this needs to happen today. Bury the pride and do what’s right. Do it now while there is still time for the revolution to be velvet. 

Grading the Governors: Who Locked Down and Who Opened?

Not one governor performed perfectly during the pandemic and lockdowns. With media pressure, a desire to balance their constituents, and a desire to get reelected and move on to federal positions down the road, it was an enormously difficult job for all of them. For every single one, from Governors Newsom and Cuomo to Noem and DeSantis, it was the most challenging policy-making of their careers, and for any governor in perhaps American history

It Was All There in the EUA. Why Couldn’t They See it? 

In a world where, to paraphrase Zygmunt Bauman, all is liquid and most are driven by the search for fleeting sensations, and where establishing a personal hermeneutic through reading and contemplation is considered quaintly quixotic when not impossible, the mutterings of the authority figure nearby take on an enhanced attraction. 

CNN Loves Weathervane Pandemic Pundits

Weathervanes have no historical perspective of medicine. They are among the first to call for censorship because they are incapable of rebuttal. I doubt many of them even listened to the Joe Rogan episodes they want to suppress. Among those who listened, I doubt many can accurately summarize what was right, wrong and what remains gray.

Justin Trudeau Ducks the Great Trucker Revolt

This is the largest and latest example of the revolt and one that could make the biggest difference yet. But it is only one sign among many that the ruling elites in most countries have overplayed their hand. They have arrogantly imposed their plans for everyone else based on the opinions of only a few and without real consultation with experts with differences of opinion or with the people whose lives have been profoundly affected by the pandemic response. 

First We Must Grieve

We need time and space to mourn the loss of hope we had and plans we made, of businesses closed, of church groups no longer meeting, of relationships with co-workers we won’t get back, of trust in institutions, and of our previous understanding of health. Parents, grandparents, children, teens, and community members all need time to grieve for childhoods halted, rites of passage canceled, and celebrations skipped.

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