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Underlying Cause of Death

The Great Covid Laundering Scheme 


The CDC seems to have been systematically swapping in Covid as the Underlying Cause of Death on death certificates listing a different condition as the UCoD. 

To briefly recap what we’ve covered in previous articles, the CDC applies medical diagnostic codes from the ICD-10 database for all conditions listed as a CoD on death certificates.

The thesis explores how the CDC has been systematically misclassifying covid as the UCoD on death certificates that clearly list a different condition as the Underlying Cause of Death, or where covid was obviously not the UCoD even if it was technically listed in the position of the UCoD by the coroner or ME who filled out the death certificate. The CDC does this by entering the ICD code for covid – U07.1 – as the UCoD even though the death certificate itself lists a different condition as the UCoD.

To be clear, this isn’t meant to capture coroners adding covid as a CoD where covid clearly was clinically irrelevant. Rather, what I am highlighting is a subset of “covid” deaths where the CDC swapped in covid as the UCoD even though it wasn’t documented as the UCoD on the death certificate by the coroner/ME.

In other words, potentially an enterprise of systemic out-and-out fraud by the CDC to falsely portray deaths that at best covid ‘helped’ hasten the demise of the decedent as deaths where the death was primarily instigated by covid.

(Note: there are some instances where UCoD swapping is technically justified because of clear mistakes involving the manner and order of the CoD’s on the death certificate. However, this cuts both ways, and the CDC doesn’t seem to have subjected UCoD’s listing covid to the same degree of scrutiny or standard. This is something that we will hopefully explore in greater detail in future articles.)


There were 18,074 deaths in Massachusetts through Q1 2023 that list U07.1 – covid – as the UCoD.

Of these 18,074 death certificates, 5,721 list a condition other than covid as the UCoD.

The following is a list of all of the different text descriptions of conditions listed as the UCoD where the CDC assigned the ICD 10 UCoD as covid, and the number of death certificates where this UCoD was coded as U07.1 (covid) by the CDC (listed in order from most frequent to least frequent):



There are 12,068 deaths in Minnesota through Q1 2023 that the CDC assigned U07.1 – covid – as the UCoD.

Of these, 2,758 identify a condition other than covid as the UCoD:


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