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The Social Pole Switch


I. Magnetic Pole Switch

The Earth is not a rock. Instead it has a solid core surrounded by thousands of kilometers of swirling magma covered by a thin crust (where we live). “Electrical currents flowing in the slowly moving molten iron generate a magnetic field” that protects the Earth from “solar wind, particle radiation, and cosmic rays from deep space.” The magnetized needle in a compass aligns itself with the Earth’s magnetic field to point north/south.

And then, surprise! According to NASA every 300,000 years or so, the magnetic north and south poles SWITCH! (The Earth itself doesn’t flip, just the magnetic field.) “Paleomagnetic records tell us Earth’s magnetic poles have reversed 183 times in the last 83 million years, and at least several hundred times in the past 160 million years.”

Our last pole switch was 780,000 years ago so, averages being what they are, we are due for another one. In fact, the Earth is in a flipped position right now in which the geographic north pole is a magnetic south pole (according to Smithsonian Magazine). NASA tells us that even if we are in the midst of a magnetic pole switch it will not impact the climate much. Given how politicized all facets of the climate change debate have become I have my doubts about their assurances.

But what if “pole switch” happens in other domains as well?

II. Social Pole Switch

I struggle to find words to describe how weird the last four years have been. I’m now starting to think that Covid represents a SOCIAL pole switch worldwide. Perhaps it has happened before, perhaps it is the first social pole switch in history.

Here is what I mean:

Naomi Klein is the world’s leading expert on disaster capitalism. Covid represents the most extreme form of disaster capitalism in history. During Covid, Klein abandoned her work on disaster capitalism to support the fascist Trudeau administration as it inflicted disaster capitalism on Canadians at the behest of the World Economic Forum. Social pole switch.

Nassim Taleb is the world’s leading expert on “black swans” (rare events with catastrophic, sometimes systems-destroying, outcomes). The development and release of SARS-CoV-2 and the mRNA vaccination campaigns are quintessential examples of black swan events. During Covid, Taleb abandoned his work on black swans to claim that we all must obey the policy makers who created these black swan events. Social pole switch.

Noam Chomsky wrote the book Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media. The Covid response is the most extreme example of manufacturing consent in history with tens of billions of dollars spent on propaganda. During Covid, Chomsky abandoned his work on manufacturing consent to argue that the unvaccinated should be locked in their homes and starved to death. Social pole switch.

But the problem goes so far beyond these three grotesque examples to impact nearly all of the left, nearly all of the sciences, and nearly all of academia. It’s a worldwide phenomenon on the scale of a magnetic pole switch.

Biology, chemistry, and medical schools were unable to think logically about origins, treatments, masks, lockdowns, etc. Centuries of stored knowledge and all of their training was for naught as they succumbed to fear and engaged in utter nonsense.

The entire field of statistics, at universities across the developed world, was suddenly unable to do basic statistics. (John Ioannidis at Stanford was the rare exception.)

Economics departments were unable to do basic cost-benefit analyses anymore. As I wrote previously, economists Anne Case and Angus Deaton literally said that deaths of despair would not happen during Covid lockdowns (and they were catastrophically wrong).

Historians stopped doing history and ignored the lessons of the entire 20th century. For example, one might think that the study of fascism would be illuminating for understanding the merger of state and corporate power in early 2020 but no mainstream historian would go there.

Sociologists stopped studying culture and became automatons of the state.

The mainstream news — the New York Times, theWashington Post, USA Today, the New Yorker, the Atlantic, MSNBC, CNN, Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS — simply stopped reporting the news and repeated whatever the fascist Pharma state told them to say.

All knowledge production industries stopped producing knowledge and fell in line to produce fascism, misery, and death to enrich the ruling class. It is as if the Enlightenment and the revolutions (scientific, political, and social) of the last two hundred and fifty years never happened.

The political left became the authoritarian right as they abandoned “My body my choice” in favor of “The state owns your body and the air — shut up and obey.”

The political right ushered in the largest expansion of government power in human history and acted as if state control of the economy is what they always believed.

The entire social environment switched to its polar opposite.

III. I Actually Think We Can Explain This

We have a pretty good idea as to why magnetic poles switch. Smithsonian Magazine:

The generation of Earth’s magnetic field starts at its very center. Heat from the solid inner core produced by radioactive decay warms the surrounding liquid iron, causing it to circulate like a pot of water on a stovetop. The fluid motion, or convection, of the iron creates an electric current, which generates a magnetic field. As the Earth spins, the magnetic field roughly aligns with the axis of rotation, creating the magnetic north and south poles.

It’s a dynamic system. Usually it’s pretty stable. But over time, fluctuations in temperature can change the pattern of the flow, causing the magnetic field to weaken and in some cases to reverse (see more from Scientific American).

Here’s what I want to say about that. I’ll use the political left as my example because I know it best but it really applies to all of the social pole switching examples I listed above.

For most of the last two hundred and fifty years, the political left has been magnetically drawn to people, especially the poor, working class, and disadvantaged. The left could not help but feel for these people — the connection was emotional and physical. So whether it was the anti-colonial struggle in Algeria, or the women’s rights movement in the U., or the battles against environmental racism in the Deep South, the political left was oriented by a magnetic connection to people and the planet; everyone in the movement just knew which direction to push because you could physically feel the direction of history.

The introduction of fluoride into the drinking water supply in the 1950s caused perturbations in this social magnetic field (calcifying the pineal gland amongst other harms).

The introduction of mass vaccination campaigns caused further disruptions of the magnetic field thus throwing confusion into the relationships between people.

The widespread use of SSRI’s starting in the early 1990s and the vast deployment of electromagnetic fields for wireless (mobile phone) communication expanded this assault on the social magnetic field.

Over time the field weakened.

In 2019/2020 we got hit with a triple whammy — the release of SARS-CoV-2, the largest propaganda campaign in history, and the rollout of 5G. By this point, most progressives no longer had a working moral compass because the social magnetic field that formerly guided them was gone. They no longer felt a connection with the poor, working class, or the disadvantaged. The subaltern was objectified and viewed as unclean. The working class was turned into delivery drivers so that the laptop class could continue on with their Elysium lifestyle.

Like bees hit with smoke, progressives floated around aimlessly. They were completely lacking in self-awareness and could not see the classism and racism in their own behavior. They did not mourn their lack of connection with the people they formerly championed and instead turned the base into abstractions and props to be digitally manipulated however they wished. The real became plastic and no one could tell the difference anymore — because the social magnetic field had reversed.

I’ve focused my ire on progressives but what I am describing here applies to all knowledge production fields over the last several years. Education, learning, and research only matter if they are grounded in the real. The purpose of scholarship should be to reduce suffering and improve well-being for real people. If one cannot feel the magnetic energy of others, one will be completely lost and unable to function. I argue that this disconnection is what happened to all knowledge production fields as a result of the waves of mass poisonings over the last 75 years.

There is one more beat to this reversal in the social magnetic field. In the absence of a felt connection to others (the weakening of the field) the meritocratic class went looking for other ways to navigate the social environment. And what they settled on was winning (that’s the basis of the meritocracy after all — these people are winners!) And then somewhere along the way, navigating based on winning turned into domination.

The magnetic field was reversed. Covid provided almost endless ways for the bourgeoisie to dominate others (lockdowns, mandates, surveillance, censorship, social distancing, masks, etc.). Those who formerly championed the disadvantaged became full-throated partisans calling for their enslavement and gradual extermination.

Reversing all of this starts with ending the mass poisoning of humanity, detoxing our bodies, and returning to real food, clean water, and genuine connection with each other in the real world (not digital spaces). This is the work of the next 100 years.

For those who want to explore this idea further, I highly recommend the book, Vibrational Medicine by Dr. Richard Gerber.

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