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How Mitigation Caused Carnage: Interview with Knut Wittkowski


Knut Wittkowski, PhD, is currently CEO of ASDERA and formerly a Rockefeller University researcher in biostatistics and epidemiology. He was also among the very first scientists to publicly oppose Covid mitigation strategies of lockdowns and closures in late March 2020. Here, in the first time they have spoken in public in two years, he is interviewed by Jeffrey Tucker of Brownstone Institute to reflect on his predictions and the incredible failure of public policy over this time.

Dr. Wittkowski explains how he came to his early views, traces out the trajectory of a typical respiratory virus, and helps us understand how the political tactics used to contain the virus created exactly the conditions that enabled the virus to cause such carnage among vulnerable populations.

Moreover, he explains that none of his views that he held then or now are novel or unusual; they were standard presumptions in the community of scholars who study pandemics. What was unusual was the experiment conducted by politicians at great expense to the population’s economic well being and overall health.


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