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Interview with Sunetra Gupta

Lockdowns Shredded the Social Contract: Interview with Sunetra Gupta


Sunetra Gupta, epidemiologist at Oxford University and a prolific historian and novelist, and a contributor at Brownstone Institute, speaks to Jeffrey Tucker of Brownstone about the brutal attack on democracy and equality that came with lockdowns, and how they unleashed a reactionary spirit in the world in which we were all invited to divide society by class, race, profession, and political compliance with mandates.

She reflects deeply here on the role of computer modeling, the pretense of knowledge of supposed experts, and the grim history of the last two years, all of which amount to a deep tragedy for science, freedom, and the very idea of modernity. The theory and practice utterly failed, as we now know, and we are left with the carnage. She also offers a way out.

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