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Gabrielle Bauer - Blindsight is 2020

Blindsight Is 2020: Gabrielle Bauer reports on the resistance with Jeffrey Tucker


Brownstone Institute is pleased to announce our newly published book by Gabrielle Bauer, a completely original account of major figures behind the lockdown resistance. Gabrielle joins Jeffrey Tucker, founder and president of Brownstone Institute for an interview about her new book, Blindsight Is 2020: Reflections on Covid Policies from Dissident Scientists, Philosophers, Artists, and More.

Did the Covid-19 lockdowns and mandates serve society’s best interests? Science alone can’t answer the question. Philosophers have important things to say about it. So do psychologists, economists, novelists, and lawyers.

The 46 thinkers showcased in this book, drawn from a variety of disciplines and political persuasions, agree on one thing: the policies crossed the line and the world lost its way. Some are internationally famous, others merely brilliant. Together, they hone in on the social and ethical breaches of the Covid era, such as emotional manipulation, disregard for civil liberties, and a stubborn refusal to consider the harms of freezing society.

The author also recounts her own efforts to make sense of the Covid landscape, from Zoom psychotherapy to a visit to lockdown-free Sweden. The book challenges us to survey the damage of the Covid-19 policies from diverse angles, its voices offering fresh perspectives on the greatest social upheaval in modern history.


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