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World according to Pence

The World According to Mike Pence 


Nothing in this book contradicts what we’ve learned over these two years, namely that Mike Pence served as both a carrier pigeon and protecting veil for the national security state that took over the country in March 2020. It was he who gave the okay to Birx’s subversions. It was he who assisted in convincing Trump of the lockdowns. It was he who pushed the panic that led to massive spending, overpurchases of masks and ventilators, he who pushed for the deployment of the Defense Production Act, and he who sent the Navy hospital ship to New York that went unused. And he not only defends all his actions but implies that they were all blessed by God. 

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Brownstone Institute at One Year


After one year, Brownstone Institute has made huge strides, from an inauspicious founding to dramatic growth to broad and global influence. Deep gratitude goes out to our many benefactors who have made the work possible. It is an inspiration to join with so many who have hope for the future and are willing to take the steps necessary to bring it about. We have just begun. 

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CDC Wants Its Covid Regime Made Permanent


What the CDC pushed on the country, even the world, was without precedent. The resulting disasters are everywhere present. At minimum we should expect the CDC to cease and desist, and certainly not entrench and codify. That the latter is taking place reveals what a long struggle lies ahead. 

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The Duplicitous Dr. Fauci and His Backpedaling


Fauci denies that he had anything to do with school closures, but the record is clear that he advocated against schools opening in areas where the coronavirus was spreading (which was everywhere), and if they did open, there needed to be face masks, and social distancing, and test-to-stay, and quarantining of healthy people who sat too close to someone who tested positive, and onerous sanitizing, and on and on. The Covid measures for children in school, and college students, were expensive, miserable, and unnecessary, as their age groups are at almost zero risk for serious Covid infection.

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Brownstone Institute - Florida Still Stands Alone

Florida Still Stands Alone


Florida might be the only state investigating the truth about the U.S. Covid response, but it’s still important that these efforts continue. The actions of the grand jury, the integrity committee, the surgeon general, and the governor might provide only a spotlight on the systemic problems and corruption of U.S. public agencies. But it’s a necessary one. Even if people of all political persuasions don’t want to hear the truth, and try to bury it, throw it into a volcano, or shoot it into the sun, it’s still the truth, waiting for a chance to be seen, heard, spoken, and believed once again.

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Theft by Lockdown - Brownstone Institute

Theft by Lockdown


The “welfare clause,” referring originally to the loose collective of the states under the Articles of Confederation, and the concocted “rights of the community,” either alone or in combination, do not (maybe, “shouldn’t”) excuse Theft-by-Lockdown. We know the Constitution doesn’t allow exceptions for fear or being afraid. Neither do the Articles of Confederation. That’s fortunate since we also know the Revolution – a cause for fear all on its own – was fought during a smallpox pandemic – a secondary cause for fear.

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Brownstone Institute - Healthcare Students Still Forced to Inject Vaccines

Healthcare Students Still Forced to Inject Vaccines


Despite the fact that there has not been one documented Covid case on college campuses in the last four years that led to either an outbreak of severe illness or death from Covid, thousands of students are forced to decide whether to take a vaccine that they do not need or walk away from the degree for which they have invested tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours due to coercive policies the likes of which we have never seen before. The “winter of death” never came to pass and neither did the spring or fall of death, but healthcare students all around the country have no choice; take updated Covid vaccines or withdraw from your program as if these seasons of death might still come to pass.

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Indiana Attorney General Responds to Call for Covid Misinformation


Todd Rokita, Indiana Attorney General, has responded with a detailed report on covid misinformation. To assist in the preparation of this report, he called upon Jayanta Bhattacharya and Martin Kulldorff. The full report was published on May 2, 2022, and submitted to the Surgeon General’s office. 

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