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Articles covering censorship at Brownstone Institute feature opinion and analysis of the global censorship industrial complex and the impacts on social life, public health, free trade, liberty, and policy. All Brownstone Institute Censorship articles are translated into multiple languages.

The Economists Self-Censored and Inflation Is a Result


Since the Spring of 2020, economists have had a strong incentive to censor themselves about the costs of covid measures for fear of being seen as out of step with the hastily achieved consensus that covid measures came without any significant costs to the public. Economists dismissed any dissent from the lockdown consensus. On Twitter and elsewhere, those few who dared dissent were labelled cranks or grandma killers. 

Fauci’s Red Guards: The Mass Censoring of Social Media


By simultaneously threatening both the federal bureaucracy and social media companies, a handful of high-level officials could effectively transform the federal government into a sprawling censorship army reminiscent of Mao’s Red Guards, silencing any opposition to tin-pot public health policies with increasing detachment and certitude as this systematic silencing falsely convinced them that the regime’s policies were just and good.

Can Elon Musk Defeat the Censors?


Musk’s taking some control of Twitter is a bright spot. It gives the world a brilliant example of something we’ve not seen for a very long time. It reveals how great wealth can be used to challenge power to stop doing evil. It’s just a beginning.

Harvard Epidemiologist Censored by LinkedIn for Defending Healthcare Jobs


In taking this action, LinkedIn has denied crucial information to millions of professionals who deserve to hear a different opinion about the mass firings taking place in light of the vaccine mandates that contradict the known science and freedom in the marketplace for jobs. The move is a direct hit against workers and their career aspirations. 

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