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Brownstone » History » Page 20



Timeline on the UK Response: Open-Source Project


We have asked for readers’ help to build a freely available timeline of the six critical decision timepoints with links to primary documents underpinning policies. Over the coming months, we shall review some of these documents and explain the main issues. Others may do the same too. 

Peter Daszak EcoHealth

Fauci has Awarded Peter Daszak of EcoHealth Another $650,000 to Study Bat Coronaviruses 


Despite every one of our highest-level officials publicly sharing their concern over the possible lab origin of this virus which, they say, has killed countless millions of people all over the world and justified a state of emergency going on three years, our government just granted the man whose research may have led to the emergence of that virus another $650,000 to conduct more of that research.

The 70 Seconds that Shook the World


Everything followed from that brief moment: lockdown chaos, the closed schools and churches, the end of basic rights, the wrecking of business, and then began the spending, inflating, mad welfare checks, and the demoralization of the population that continues to this day.

The Pandemic Response Unleashed Two Kinds of Nationalism


For nearly three years, most people in the world have been treated like lab rats in an experiment in bio-technocratic central management by state power, at the urging of once-respected global institutions, and this has resulted in economic crisis, demographic upheaval, and utter political panic. It will be many years before this is sorted out. 

When Did Trump Change His Mind about Lockdowns?


Consider the incredible timeline here. Trump readily agreed to a two-week lockdown, even though he had no such direct power to order such a thing. He then agreed to a 30-day extension though all reports are that he was upset that he had done so. And even after 36 days, he was publicly critical of Republican governors who proposed a reopening.

The Choice Is Liberty or Lockdown


The solution is not complicated. We need a renewed appreciation of human liberty and rights. That’s it. That is the whole prescription. It does not sound hard but apparently it is. This task will likely consume the rest of our lives. 

It Ends as it Began: As a Political Ploy


It should rattle any concerned citizen of the US – or just any rational person – that such a massive issue as a deadly pandemic could be turned on and off by perception management by powerful elites in government, tech, and media. And yet, the evidence is overwhelming that we have seen just such an operation at work over these pandemic years. 

Service and Restraint: Lost Principles of Governance 


The Queen acted always with great restraint, and never upon others in a way unconsented to, whatever her own views were. Modern politics, driven by the Administrative State, is based on an opposite principle, felt even more deeply and widely than usual in recent times: it regards itself as able to do exactly as it chooses to anyone it chooses, based entirely on its own immediate view of a prevailing situation. 

Golden Calf

Mitigation Is the Golden Calf


It was evident to me from the early days of the lockdown that something very cult-like was occurring. When quite literally nothing happened during those first 15 days to justify the lockdowns, the mantra of “just wait two weeks” was on the lips of the believers of the Branch Covidians, much like how a doomsday cult leader is allowed to pick new dates when the aliens don’t show when they are supposed to. 

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