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administrative state

Anatomy of the Administrative State


The COVID-19 train wreck unfolded before their eyes. One senseless government diktat followed another. Close your business. Keep your kids home from school. Stay out of the park. Wear a mask to go into the store. Take a vaccine to keep your job. These edicts destroyed lives. They caused vaccine injuries and deaths, cancelled jobs and education, and tore families apart. They eviscerated civil liberties. Society unravelled.

cello during covid

Covid Controls, the Cello, and Me 


We played badly at the park for whomever had the courage to leave their house and brave our music. I thought of every note I played into the world as an impenetrable shield against the Sword of Damocles threatening our existence. 


Pandora’s Jar is Opened Again


The people who grasp at the fire of Prometheus are all very frightening. They are brilliant, true. They have the capacity to do great things, and have accomplished them. But it’s easy to see how they can be seduced by their desire for knowledge, the fruit of the tree, access to fire. 

Wuhan cover-up

The Wuhan Cover Up, by RFKJr.


The Wuhan Cover Up. A case study demonstrating the consequences of the situational ethical slide which often occurs when a massive administrative bureaucracy fuses with an “intelligence community.” 

Brownstone Institute Funding and Donations

Brownstone Institute at Two Years 


This is a time for truth. There is no time to waste. This might be our only choice. It’s not maudlin or exaggerated to say that civilization is at stake. This generation faces a real choice between freedom and barbarism with a digital face. We need to choose wisely and with courage in the face of evil. 

Will They Ever Come Clean About the Damage They Caused?


The Machiavellians who concocted the Covid response and the media who sold it don’t regret what they did. It served their political, social and economic purposes. Thus, the truth can now be publicly admitted, though not fully. Denying some aspects of reality allows the Coronamanic to deceive many and to think of themselves as good, smart people for having supported lockdowns, school closures, masks, tests and shots.

stefánsson flips

Key Icelandic Lockdowner Has Flipped Sides on the Shots


“Based on the information we have today, I would not recommend vaccination to people under 40 or under 50” Dr. Stefánsson said in a podcast in late July, reported by Icelandic media on August 3rd. “Now, many scientists have stepped forward saying it was wrong to vaccinate everyone, pointing to the high prevalence of myocarditis, and how even those who contracted the virus are less likely to develop it than those who got vaccinated.”

racial grievance

Racial Grievance Should Not be Permanently Codified 


Permanently codifying racial grievance into the Constitution will guarantee it is weaponised sometime in the future by activists with increasingly radical agendas, followed by monetisation by grifters to demand compensation, reparations, and rents. This will stoke resentment and backlash.

A Careful Look at the UNDP’s New iVerify Tool 


iVerify’s power lies in its supranational infrastructure and ability to determine truth as an apparent authority source. Unfortunately, its manufactured ownership over the truth can easily be weaponized towards mass censorship of materials harmful to the elite’s bottom line. If it becomes a prominent aspect of the already treacherous information environment, UNDP’s iVerify only promises to worsen matters while further threatening the (remaining) sovereignty of nation states everywhere. 


The Betrayal of the Environment by Environmentalists 


Suddenly, “climate is the new covid” and in just the manner that certain internet felines have long been yowling about, they are going to play all the same stupid games and try to hand you all the same stupid prizes. They are selling you poison and penury as panacea. The new absurdist push into “We need blackouts and climate lockdowns and 15-minute cities” is an idea as dangerous as it is deluded. It will not save. It will kill.

vaccine mandate

The Vaccine Mandate to Become a Citizen Must End 


Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) introduced a bill on July 19, 2023 to at least end the ACIP requirement mandating covid vaccines for immigrants, recognizing that families are still harmed by the CDCs relentless push for mass-covid vaccination among adults and children. Certainly, this step to reign in this incorrigible agency is heading in the right direction. 

our enemy, the state

Our Enemy, The State


It was important for someone to write this instant history under time pressure, an accessible work of record, lest we forget. Or rather, lest they be allowed to forget and move on. This is neither a book by nor for academics. Therein lies some of its failings and much of its strength. “The Government is my enemy,” laments a disillusioned citizen. Do not trust politicians and bureaucrats. “They lie for a living,” says the cynical reporter.

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