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CIA Agent Cloaks Lockdown Propaganda in Concern for China


On January 24, 2023, Dr. Michael V. Callahan published an opinion piece in The New York Times entitled “The Indirect Ways the U.S. Can Help China Avoid Covid Catastrophe.”

If we assume this was written by a prominent doctor at a Harvard-affiliated hospital – an academic professional who bases his opinions on sound medical principles and scientific knowledge – it makes no sense at all. In fact, it is an embarrassment to the writer and the institution he represents.

If, however, we realize that this is just the latest in the quarantine-until-vaccine propaganda campaign of a CIA agent and top biosecurity cabal member, everything suddenly makes perfect sense. In fact, many of the points in the article map beautifully onto Robert Blumen’s helpful Covid propaganda grid.

The following are the medical and scientific fictions (or, if you prefer, lies) supposedly advocated by infectious-disease-physician Callahan, followed by an explanation of why CIA-agent/biosecurity-propagandist Callahan would want to promulgate them:

Fiction #1: Zero Covid works

Callahan opens his article with a bold statement: “China rolled back its longstanding pandemic strategy ‘zero Covid,’ which had protected the country for nearly three years.” As many, including myself, have noted, there is no evidence – except the repeated statements of people like Callahan and the lockdown-narrative-promoting mainstream press – for the fact that the “zero Covid” strategy protected anyone from anything

Callahan, who has worked for the intelligence community in Asia, knows (as we all should) that information from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is not reliable, to say the least. Therefore, there is no reason to think he believes the CCP’s absurd claims that there were no Covid deaths in China for three years thanks to lockdowns.

So why is this his lede? Because the biosecurity propaganda machine has to maintain the illusion that lockdowns, at least to some degree, are effective, and that ending them is somehow undesirable.

Fiction #2: China’s Lunar New Year is a very scary time

Callahan returns to a favorite trope of the quarantine-until-vaccine cabal from exactly three years ago: the Lunar New Year in China. Due to “enormous” travel, “densely packed transit systems, winter conditions and multigenerational gatherings,” Callahan tells us “the Lunar New Year is a common tabletop simulation for training public health officials.” What about the real world? Do we have any proof that it was disastrous in 2020, as mainstream media warned, or will be disastrous in 2023? 

Furthermore, if Lunar New Year travel in 2020 already exported Covid far and wide (we know that by the time lockdowns were initiated in China on January 23, 2020, the virus had already spread to nearly every Chinese province, and many other countries) – what use were lockdowns in one or two specific areas for containing its worldwide spread? And if it spread everywhere, including in China, despite lockdowns, how can we believe the zero deaths for three years narrative?

Fiction #3: the most dangerous subvariant

Ever since Delta, variants and subvariants have provided a never-ending source of fear mongering for the quarantine-until-vaccine junta. In his op-ed, Callahan makes an unsubstantiated claim that the “subvariant XBB1.5” is “the most infectious to date.” There is no reference, so I’m not sure where the information is from. I found one doctor in North Carolina saying it “seems to be the most infectious” with no meaningful data to support the claim. A WHO official says it’s the “most transmissible” (again, no numbers or data) but adds “there’s no indication it makes people more sick than previous subvariants.” 

As has been true for SARS-CoV-2 and every one of its mutations, and as is true for every infectious disease humanity has ever encountered: If it’s not very lethal to most people, it can infect the entire world’s population while causing very little serious disease or death. 

Dr. Callahan knows this. Propagandist Callahan is using the tried and true biodefense network’s tactic of constantly citing high case numbers (regardless of illness or death) to send the media and public into paroxysms of panic.

Fiction #4: vaccines work

Next, Callahan says the United States has a high vaccination rate using “highly protective vaccines.” If he means against the original SARS-CoV-2 virus, Callahan might be able to dig up some evidence (though it is highly contestable). But if he means against this subvariant, he has zero evidence, and he knows it.

Fiction #5: some vaccines (ours) are better than others (theirs)

“Domestically made Chinese vaccines,” according to Callahan, “may provide less lasting protection against the virus and its variants.” 

Since he says “may,” this is clearly just a hypothesis. Since we know our vaccines provide at most a few months of protection from the original strain (again, a contestable statement) and none from any variant or subvariant thereafter, the meaning of “less lasting protection” basically is “less than zero,” which again makes no sense.

However, as a member of the quarantine-until-vaccine biosecurity network, Callahan is using this piece of propaganda to bolster the case that lockdowns and vaccines work.

How anyone can believe such preposterous fiction is a mystery.

Postscript: a very scary non-fiction

The vast expansion of surveillance in general, and biosurveillance in particular, is one of the biosecurity community’s biggest achievements during Covid, and Callahan manages to include a plug for more:

In December, at least one online pharmacy in China began selling the Covid drug Paxlovid, made by the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer, directly to patients. The pharmacy shipped Paxlovid to any Chinese person with a positive coronavirus test. If the Beijing government were to tie the government’s home test result reporting system to the commercial Paxlovid home delivery providers, many lives could be saved.

If anyone is wondering why it’s important to debunk and expose all of the fictions and propaganda of the Covid biosecurity agenda, this tiny window into the terrifying vision they have for our future is the answer.

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