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Fauci doesn't recall

First Thoughts on the Fauci Deposition


The Attorneys General for Louisiana and Missouri were successful in deposing Dr. Fauci last week for a lawsuit trying to identify potential First Amendment infractions by our government-censoring citizens (yours truly included!).

The 446-page transcript was released yesterday (embedded below) and here are some of the highlights.

“I don’t know!”

We had already heard tidbits about his deposition from lawyers involved and the key takeaway was evident throughout the transcript – Dr. Fauci has a terrible memory or he is hiding WHAT he knew. He used the phrase “I don’t recall” fully 178 times.

Perhaps this is a good lawyerly approach but it’s awfully frustrating for many of us who have been trying to understand the origins of the wrenching interventions that have taken years off our lives.

“I was completely in the dark!”

Speaking of origins. The source of the virus was a major topic of discussion but Dr. Fauci played the fool for the stenographer and the lawyers in the room. After being pressed on the urgent emails he sent out in the wake of an article alleging a lab leak for the virus, Dr. Fauci deflected and deferred knowledge of anything to other people. He was – in the dark.

In some instances it was bewildering that he didn’t know key players in this drama. Peter Daszak, the head of EcoHealth Alliance may very well had been instrumental in this entire fiasco, but Dr. Fauci downplayed that he knew him at all or even that he knew anything about the company Peter founded.

He goes on to deny that he knew anything about Shi Zhengli, the “bat lady” of Wuhan. This claim is even more incredulous in my opinion.

On Masks

Dr. Fauci was asked about his opinion on masking and how it had changed over time. He claimed that by April 2, 2020 he was full on board for masking even though he couldn’t cite a single study in support of this. Nor could he explain why he had sent studies in an email dated March 31st around to colleagues that refuted any benefit in masking.

This was all too much.

Suffice it to say, Dr. Fauci is a terrible liar.

Entire deposition embedded below:

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