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Key Icelandic Lockdowner Has Flipped Sides on the Shots


One of the key players in the Icelandic government’s response to Covid-19 was CEO of deCODE Genetics, neurologist Dr. Kári Stefánsson. Seemingly sceptical about the danger from the virus at the very outset he conducted a local seroprevalence studywhich indicated a 0.3 percent mortality rate only, while the official claim was 3-5 percent mortality. But almost immediately Dr. Stefánsson abandoned his initial sceptical stand and became a cheerleader for lockdowns and border closures, viciously attacking any sceptical voices. In fact he became a key unofficial advisor to the government, using every opportunity to tout its deeply misguided and harmful response.

Once vaccines became available Dr. Stefánsson touted their efficacy, brushing off any concerns regarding protection against infection or worries about their safety. He even went as far as proposing those who refused the vaccine should be put in lifelong quarantine. This was in late 2021 when it was already clear from official data how the vaccines only provided 30-50 percent protection against infection.

“Based on the information we have today, I would not recommend vaccination to people under 40 or under 50” Dr. Stefánsson said in a podcast in late July, reported by Icelandic media on August 3rd. “Now, many scientists have stepped forward saying it was wrong to vaccinate everyone, pointing to the high prevalence of myocarditis, and how even those who contracted the virus are less likely to develop it than those who got vaccinated.”

It is not clear to what scientists or studies Dr. Stefánsson is referring. What is clear though is that this is old news, though vigorously suppressed by fact-checkers and mainstream media, and by people such as himself who have persistently refused to acknowledge the risk posed by the vaccines.

Unil now. And why? What is it that prompts Dr. Stefánsson to come forward now, years after it became abundantly clear how useless the vaccines were as a way of suppressing transmission and how dangerous they were to the young and healthy? What prompts him to suddenly acknowledge that “when it comes to medication, vaccines or other medicines, we must always weigh the benefits against the risks you take?” Where was this basic tenet of good medicine when he demanded excluding the unvaccinated from society and pushed for the vaccination of children, not for their own benefit, but only because they might infect others?

The only conclusion one can draw is that he has now realised how it isn’t possible anymore to deny the huge damage from the vaccines, evident in the development of excess mortality after the vaccination campaigns started and confirmed by study after study. And how he is now making an attempt to distance himself from those decisions.

Despite admitting the danger posed by the so-called vaccines, Dr. Stefánsson resorts to utter irrationality as he tries in the interview to justify the lockdowns, claiming, contrary to all evidence, even the evidence collected by his own company, that the outbreak of Covid-19 at first looked like the “first chapter in the extermination of humanity.”

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