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Government articles feature analysis of government agencies and their impact on economics, public health, public dialog, and social life.

All Brownstone Institute articles on the topic of government are translated into multiple languages.

impact on the world

How Have You Changed?


For those who are researchers, writers, academics, or just curious people who want to understand the world better – even improve it – to have one’s intellectual operating system so profoundly disturbed is an occasion of profound disorientation. It is also a time to embrace the adventure, recalibrate, and set about correcting and finding a new path. 

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Fauci under the bus

Kadlec Throws Fauci Under the Bus


Robert Kadlec criticizing Tony Fauci for duplicity and mismanagement of the COVIDcrisis is likely to land somewhere between the pot calling the kettle black and a sophisticated, coordinated disinformation campaign intended to distract the public from the sins of the CIA, its surrogates and offshore “five eyes” intelligence allies. In other words yet another limited hangout designed to distract the gullible in Congress as well as the general public – here and abroad.

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Brownstone Institute Funding and Donations

Brownstone Institute at Two Years 


This is a time for truth. There is no time to waste. This might be our only choice. It’s not maudlin or exaggerated to say that civilization is at stake. This generation faces a real choice between freedom and barbarism with a digital face. We need to choose wisely and with courage in the face of evil. 

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climate chicken littles

The Rise and Rhetoric of the Climate Chicken Littles 


Our planet is a very complex set of ecosystems that have lifespans far beyond even human existence, some working together and some in competition. Most of these we have not even begun to understand and we have only begun to collect data. Our knowledge of our ecosystem history is only slowly gaining (and it is not aided by avoiding debate and cherry-picking data).

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Was the Covid Response a Coup by the Intelligence Community?


The Western intelligence community driving the illiberalism of the response to COVID explains why the corruption and inhumanity of that response have always seemed so obvious, with the most valuable information on the events in question often coming from leading officials’ own books and interviews, despite how much harm they caused. They’re able to operate with such impunity because they know that the only agencies that can hold them accountable are the ones behind the whole spectacle. The propaganda is obvious, and it’s meant to be.

Was the Covid Response a Coup by the Intelligence Community? Read More »


Just Who Caused this Polarization?


The Polarization began many years before Social Media or the Internet were even a twinkle in their inventor’s eyes. It was government ministers who started it, and the Mainstream Media who have nurtured it ever since. The one-sided discussion format gradually extended from government ministers to lesser politicians and then to pundits, until it gradually became the norm.

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pandemic treaty state sponsor Germany

The German Origins of the Pandemic Treaty


Lo and behold, if we go back far enough – before hardly anyone will have ever even heard the expression ‘pandemic treaty’ – we discover that the treaty did indeed have a state sponsor and that, unsurprisingly, the state in question is the very same state which, if albeit unbeknownst to the broader public, was the driving force behind the WHO’s Covid-19 ‘pandemic response:’ namely, Germany.

The German Origins of the Pandemic Treaty Read More »

population control

Population Control: The Receipts


Perhaps the most obvious result of COVID lockdowns and the interruption of commerce is the current record number of people at risk of starvation: Before COVID lockdowns and all their results, the number of people at risk of starvation was 135-million.  By the end of 2021, that had increased by another 135-million people, and in 2022, it then increased another 67-million.  The result is currently about 10-million deaths from starvation, 3-million of them children.

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The Betrayal of the Environment by Environmentalists 


Suddenly, “climate is the new covid” and in just the manner that certain internet felines have long been yowling about, they are going to play all the same stupid games and try to hand you all the same stupid prizes. They are selling you poison and penury as panacea. The new absurdist push into “We need blackouts and climate lockdowns and 15-minute cities” is an idea as dangerous as it is deluded. It will not save. It will kill.

The Betrayal of the Environment by Environmentalists  Read More »


The Great Cloud of Disrepute 


The turning point is here. We can either embrace old forms – human rights, freedom, the rule of law, constitutionally restricted governments – or acquiesce to growing despotism under “expert” advisement, no matter how cruel and incompetent. How broken is the world? That is what we are finding out now. The answer seems to be: much more than we thought. More now than in living memory. 

The Great Cloud of Disrepute  Read More »

donald trump

Trump’s Disastrous Final Year in Office 


We are now 40-months on from the Donald’s foolish empowerment of Dr. Fauci and his Virus Patrol in mid-March 2020, and all doubt has been removed. If there were two countries on the planet which had diametrically opposite policy approaches with respect to the Covid, it was Australia, which degenerated into an outright public health tyranny, and Sweden, where officials kept their minds open to the facts and social institutions—schools, churches, shops, theaters, malls, factories, etc–open to the public.

Trump’s Disastrous Final Year in Office  Read More »

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