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Brownstone » Law » Page 13


Un-mask the truth

Time to Unmask the Truth


It is astounding hypocrisy to recommend that young children wear masks in their own homes, then go maskless at an indoor crowded event a few days later. Health officials must immediately provide policy-level evidence of the direct benefit of masking to kids themselves or be willing to defend their misguided and harmful advice in a debate. Please embrace informed consent and patient autonomy, stop allowing our children to be used as pawns in militaryfear propaganda, and as adult COVID-19 shields.

Doc Tracy California

Doc Tracy and the Case of the California Medical Misinformation Bill


On the other side of the fourth wall, the confrontation between Lawson and Doc Tracy, played by former UCLA anesthesiologist, Dr. Christopher Rake, took place on December 6, 2021. Two days later on December 8, Lawson took to Twitter to condemn Rake and the medical freedom organization that produced the show, America’s Frontline Doctors, then went on a media blitz the following week, making appearances on CNN and MSNBC to characterize the confrontation as an attempt to intimidate and terrorize. 

police state lies dormant

Western Australia’s Dormant Police State


For the time being, the police state lies dormant. The SoE has expired, and we have returned to some kind of nanny-state normal. However, the police state infrastructure is in place, and can be engaged at any time should the Premier and his Police Commissioner think it reasonable and necessary. Whatever that means.

covid connection crypto

The Covid/Crypto Connection: The Grim Saga of FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried


The rest of us are left with the bill for this obvious scam that implausibly links crypto and Covid. But just as the money was based on nothing but puffed air, the damage they have wrought on the world is all too real: a lost generation of kids, declined lifespans, millions missing from the workforce, a calamitous fall in public health, millions of kids in poverty due to supply-chain breakages, 19 straight months of falling real incomes, historically high increases in debt, and a dramatic fall in human morale the world over.

tribunals introduce dangers

Tribunals Would Introduce Dangers of their Own


The danger is too great that a government agency or commission empowered to sit in judgment over individuals who were in office during the two years starting in March 2020 will abuse its power. The risk is too high that the pursuit of justice will descend into a hunt for revenge. No such agency or commission will act with the requisite objectivity to make its decisions just.

The Solidarity Argument for Forced Mass Vaccination Turned Out to Be False


Portraying the crimes of states and authorities as accidents at work is welcome because it resonates with how most people would wish the world to be. We do not want to believe that authoritative bodies purposefully commit psychopathic deeds. The thought that our decision-makers would have introduced vaccine passes despite knowing that the injections did not protect against the spread of infection is horrible.

Lawmaking Is Catch Me If You Can


There aren’t enough lawyers like me to fight all of the stunningly illegal regulations and laws that our government is churning out at record rates. Even if there were an abundance of like-minded attorneys, the other problem is that lawsuits take time, a lot of time. And, lawsuits take money. And whilst the lawsuits are being fought, people are being injured in the interim. It’s not sustainable. We need to change the paradigm!

Censorship and Defamation: Weapons of Control


So you ask, “why didn’t more physicians stand up and object?”Because the entire profession has been subjected to the most aggressive and coordinated propaganda, censorship, and defamation campaign the modern western world has ever seen.

We Must Have Accountability


The current crop of failed fearmongering virus prophets coupled with the low-uptake of boosters is stark and terrible reminder that the institutions that prided themselves on public health damaged the public trust more than anything else. Your trust should be in the bedrock of our Constitution, not in some self-endowed title of “science.”  Public trust in our institutions is sinking and it will require a public trial of our policy decisions to right the ship.

Declare a Real Pandemic Inquiry Instead of Amnesty


Ignorance doesn’t work as an excuse when the policies involved abrogating your fellow citizens’ rights under an indefinite state of emergency, while censoring and canceling those who weren’t as ignorant.

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