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Law articles feature analysis and commentary related to censorship, policy, technology, media, economics, public health, and social life.

All Brownstone Institute articles on the topic of law are translated into multiple languages.

end of the emergency

An Analysis of the End of the Emergency


The widely distributed and weaponized fearporn which has driven the gross over-reaction of governments and their citizens (all over the world) was not justified. In retrospect, the global COVIDcrisis agenda and response which has devastated global economies, enabled a massive upwards transfer of wealth, and has been exploited to justify imposition of “The Great Reset” globalist agenda items cannot be justified as a credible and effective “public health” response.

An Analysis of the End of the Emergency Read More »

first amendment covid

Shouting Covid in a Crowded Theater


The Covid Leviathan stripped Americans of their First Amendment rights and divided them as well. Bureaucrats worked to stifle journalists who reported on inconvenient facts, President Biden attacked his own citizens as unpatriotic, and Anthony Fauci coordinated attacks against scientists who dared to challenge his authority. 

Shouting Covid in a Crowded Theater Read More »

Pfizer safety

Pfizer: Sales Before Child Safety


This case, and the apparent impunity that companies such as Pfizer appear to enjoy, serve as evidence that the system of oversight for Pharma in the UK is hopelessly outdated and that the regulatory authorities are risibly ill-equipped to keep powerful, hugely well-resourced corporate groups in check. The regulatory system for Big Pharma is not fit for purpose; so it is time for a rethink. 

Pfizer: Sales Before Child Safety Read More »

big tech colluded with government

How Government and Big Tech Colluded to Usurp Constitutional rights


Not only did the government turn its capability on the American people, but it recruited the most powerful information companies in the history of the world to advance its agenda, leaving American citizens poorer, stripped of their rights, and left with no place to hide.

How Government and Big Tech Colluded to Usurp Constitutional rights Read More »

WHO IHR human rights

Amendments to WHO’s International Health Regulations: An Annotated Guide


The amendments to the IHR are intended to fundamentally change the relationship between individuals, their country’s governments, and the WHO. They place the WHO as having rights overriding that of individuals, erasing the basic principles developed after World War Two regarding human rights and the sovereignty of States. In doing so, they signal a return to a colonialist and feudalist approach fundamentally different to that to which people in relatively democratic countries have become accustomed. The lack of major pushback by politicians and the lack of concern in the media and consequent ignorance of the general public is therefore both strange and alarming.

Amendments to WHO’s International Health Regulations: An Annotated Guide Read More »

Focused Protection: Jay Bhattacharya, Sunetra Gupta, and Martin Kulldorff

Blindsight Is 2020


Epidemiologists can do epidemiology. Public health experts can do public health. But none of these experts can do society or human nature any better than intellectuals from other disciplines or even “ordinary people.” No scientist has the legal or moral authority to tell someone they can’t sit next to a parent on their deathbed. 

Blindsight Is 2020 Read More »

who overlords

The WHO: Our New Overlords


Although COVID-19 is now a distant memory for many, another pandemic, we’re told, is just around the corner. When it comes, the WHO may very well be in a position to order you, dear reader, to do exactly what it wants, when it wants. If these amendments are made in May, resistance may prove to be utterly futile.

The WHO: Our New Overlords Read More »

Scott Gottlieb censor

The Censorious Scott Gottlieb Was a Major Influence on Lockdowns 


The person and role of Gottlieb is a paradigmatic case of why and how solving the mysteries of the lockdowns and mandates is such a complicated undertaking. It’s not just about government intervention and it’s not just about private corruption. It’s about a complicated relationship between the two, involving a range of public and private actors in and out of government who seized control of the policy machinery to achieve private ends at enormous public expense. 

The Censorious Scott Gottlieb Was a Major Influence on Lockdowns  Read More »

End These Travel Restrictions Now

End These Travel Restrictions Now


We are turning back the clock: away from high civilization to a much lower form without a solid guarantee of even the freedom to travel, while giving up the dream of universal human rights. Confidence in a better world with more human connection is being replaced by isolation, fear, and compliance as guiding principles. The price will be very high.

End These Travel Restrictions Now Read More »

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