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Brownstone » Society » Page 24


gag order

The Case Against the Physician Gag Order


Advances in science and medicine typically occur when doctors and scientists challenge conventional thinking or settled opinion. Fixating any current medical consensus as “unassailable” by physicians will stifle medical and scientific progress.

Restrictions in Sweden and Denmark: What Do The Numbers Show?


According to the models used to justify harsher restrictions in Denmark, about 30,000 people were expected to have died, had Sweden’s strategy been followed. But according to the data, the excess mortality in Sweden over the two years was around 6,000 and in Denmark 3,000, which amounts to the same percentage as the Danish population is about half the Swedish. Thus, the models were off by around 90%.

The Catastrophic Covid Convergence


How did my family, friends and neighbors – who I thought shared my liberal, humanist values – turn into a group-thinking, bullying herd? What forces were exerted to erase scientific and intellectual integrity from the minds of literally millions of doctors, scientists, economists, journalists, educators and other normally curious and compassionate people worldwide?

How Many Among Us are Suckers?


We live in a time when powerful forces, wielding very powerful new informational weapons, seek to place a wedge between ourselves and practices which have long been essential to the search for self-knowledge, social meaning, and the ability to promote and safeguard human dignity. 

Stigmatize, Surround, and Stomp


Freedom of conscience is out. The real responsibility of the players, according to the Gray Lady, was to seamlessly parrot the wholly extraneous ideological line of their employer whether they believed in it or not. The truth is they should have never, ever been put in that position.

I Cannot Believe It’s Come To This


We’ve never lived in Texas, in fact I’d never even been to Texas when we finally decided to bail out of New Jersey, during “Omicron.” Before that, I don’t think my husband thought I was serious about moving. But my intuition had been telling me for months, many of them, that this wasn’t the place for me. I feel betrayed. 

School Closings and Violent Youth: A Potential Link


Is this Buffalo teen shooter and the Texas teen shooter the last such shooters? I fear not, as we may have damaged the minds of many people irreparably. There are grave consequences due to lockdowns and school closures, not only from a weakened immune system and the vast economic damage, but also due to the wrecked psyches of many young people. 

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